10 Best Apps for College Students

Posted by Eyden Haze . on March 6, 2018

A large number of applications are available for the students whether they are teenagers, kids or the college going students. In the present era, there is application for everything.

Some of the applications which are considered the best for the college students are listed below-


With this application at your side, you can succeed in completing all the homework which is pending or has been assigned to you. You can easily sign up and study at your own pace without being disturbed by anyone. It is an online education site which has partnerships with dozens of universities, institutes and colleges.

There are a large number of courses from which you can select and learn at your own pace in an appropriate manner. The Coursera application is considered the best study application by the students as it helps the students in the most essential ways.

Google Drive

This is an application where the college students can get the best out of all the tasks. The students can take notes, create spreadsheets, draw diagrams, save photos, and build presentations all on the cloud at a time or depending upon their preferences. This will be their collection which include all their essential requirements and will make it easier for the students to learn and acquire more. The Google drive is easy to make and it will help in the best possible way for the applications in the most appropriate manner.

Dragon Dictation

In case you want to study for the overdue class project and your poor fingers are tired of the ancient print books, then you can save your fingers from all the texting. This application will help you type the words in full by getting an idea of your response. You can use it for the text messages also. Wherever there is a dire need of typing the entire English letters, the application can be used to save time. It helps in quick and easier accessibility of information. This will help you in making the best use of all the words as the best guidance will be provided to you in the most appropriate manner.

Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

The application is very apt for the college students as it helps the students in grabbing all the essential information in the best possible way without any hassle. The students can create their own flashcards and learn from the flashcards of others as well. The best thing about it is that it is easy to use and create and you can use it for free as well.


This is the general basic study tool for millions of college students. The flashcard study is made apt with this kind of application. This application helps in providing a variety of new learning processes for the customers. Furthermore, the students can reuse their content and share it with others as well.


The students can use this application in order to track the course assignments, set reminders, bookmarking your WebPages, visiting it more to understand the concepts properly. The students can also combine the mobile application with the web browser plugin for optimum utilization of resources.

MyScript Smart Note

In case you are more into writing the notes instead of the classic typing, then this application is for you. The application is free for the iOS users and android but is available in limited features. There are various specifications available as per the functionality such as the note making techniques, handwriting capabilities, scrawling and so on.


This is an application which is free and featured packed and is worth a try for every student. It is a mind mapping tool and you can download the paid versions of the application. The average students can also benefit a lot from this application. There are hundreds of applications which are used as mind maps by the students and this is one of them. It is like a mind mapping map mobile application which is better than the desktop applications and the simple mind application in the best possible way.

Evernote and Penultimate

It is one of the best notes making application which features and set the combinations with the qualities like bookmarking, composing, clipping, and many more things. The entire feature combined helps in making the best possible college application for the students. The best thing about this application is that you can make notes in the best possible way.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of India’s top education app created to cater the educational needs of the masses without attending physical classes. The app aims at personalizing the learning experience with features such as progress tracking, teaching tools and practice exercises. It has over 10,000 videos with step by step explanation; that too free of cost. With the exam season approaching and top exams in India like WBJEE, TS-EAMCET Exam 2018-2019, JEE, VITEEE etc, one can find enough material for preparation and practice.

It has over 8 million downloads and a 4.6/5 overall rating.

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