10 Best Cloud-Based Website Prototyping Tools For Web Developers

Posted by David Watson . on July 29, 2013

It is infrequent today to discover desktop-based website prototyping tools. Majority of the apps are reachable through the Cloud – online tools available via your browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. Here we are showcasing a list of the most conjoint online website planning apps.

It looks as if every type of software is moving into the Cloud so it is not unanticipated that web prototyping tools are also moving into the cloud.

Online Website Prototyping Tools

Online web prototyping tools are more effortlessly available than desktop versions. You can log on from your computer at your workplace or the laptop when you are on the go, or the desktop which you have at home. You don’t require installing any software so it doesn’t matter which operating system you are using on your device. Any designer/reviewer can use Linux, Solaris, Mac and Windows or computers to access the prototypes.

The major difference among Cloud-based and desktop-based web prototyping software is the pricing structure. When you make use of a desktop/standalone tool, you need to wage a flat fee to purchase a license and can use the software ever whereas cloud-based tools uses a subscription model. You need to make the payment every month to access the software.

Check out below some of the best online website prototyping apps.

1. HotGloo

HotGloo complements their real-time association features with an incorporated chat, reshuffling communiqué amid team members. Messages left by critics seem on the pages, but can also be set to routinely onward to an email address.


2. Cacoo

It supports 22 languages making it perfect for corporations having developers across the globe. It provides real-time teamwork so many developers can make use of the website prototyping tool simultaneously.


3. Gliffy

Gliffy claims that they are the most extensively used cloud-based diagramming tool. More than one user can access a project at a time; yet, contrasting many of the products here, the users can’t make use of the files concurrently.


4. iPlotz

iPlotz make use of three entree levels: preview, wireframe and manage. Preview users can sight the prototype and submit comments. Wireframe users can revise the website prototyping. Manage users can supplement or eliminate other users and alter their authorizations.


5. Creately

Creately offers real-time collaboration, and is accessible in 7 different languages. They provide desktop versions for Linux, Mac and Windows, for consumers who want to do website prototyping deprived of an Internet connection. The illustrations spontaneously sync to the Cloud for those who do have Internet connections, so teamwork is still promising with the desktop form.


6. ProtoShare

ProtoShare provisions more than just text boxes and imageries. Website prototyping with this online tool comprises the use of JavaScript along with CSS to generate custom modules and innovative communications.


7. Lumzy

Lumzy has an incorporated image editor so graphics can be reaped, resized or accustomed deprived of the necessity for alternative program. It provides more innovative website prototyping than several other tools by letting more difficult communications than modest page joining.


8. Invision

Invision offers a meek drag-and-drop interface which makes it simple-to-use even for non-technical people to supplement graphics, buttons and text boxes. User controlling permits developers to be allocated to particular projects so nonentity has unnecessary admittance.


9. Pidoco

Pidoco comprises usability testing features. Developers can observe and converse with testers as they utilize prototype, receiving live response when they make alterations. Developers can even perceive the user’s screen, connect via chat and VoIP.


10. Mockingbird

Mockingbird is driven by Cappuccino. Cappuccino tools incline to run more proficiently than Flash so it is expected your website prototyping accomplishments will be a little quicker. It provides real-time teamwork between accepted users

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