10+ Most Trusted Custom Software Development Companies Around the World

Posted by David Watson . on January 7, 2019

If you are on route to find the right company for the development of unbeatable software, it might have crossed your mind to hunt for the best of the best Custom Software Development Companies in the world. It is indeed difficult to shortlist a bunch of companies; the searching process is quite tedious. Undeniably, figuring out how to deal with numerous companies is the question of the day.

Having gathered details and reviews from satisfied customers, what’s coming up is a list of Custom Software developers, who are not only good at what they do but well-experienced in developing an array of software types, be it from scratch, or a beta application, personal or professional. Most of them are recognized firms in the IT industry, doing fairly well in a highly competitive market.

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Altar.io is a product and software consulting firm based in London & Lisbon that helps startups and corporates build digital products and solve data science-related challenges. They’re a collective of second-time founders and tier-1 tech people (developers, data scientists, designers and project managers) coming from relevant organizations, such as IBM Strongloop and Google Angular.


JCommerce is an IT consulting and software development company, which offers nearshoring services of Java, .NET, PHP, Front-End and PLC engineers, Apple systems engineers, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, and Business Analysis specialist and ERP consultants.

JCommerce supports companies from IT & Consulting, FinTech, BioTech, Industry 4.0, Media, Production, Telecom and E-commerce industries in the digital transformation and software development services. Find out more about the nearshoring of IT specialists.

The Software House

This firm has developed over 500+ software and mobile apps till date. With their work that speaks clear experience, they have also got excellent client reviews. As a good Custom Software Development Company, they utilize state-of-the-art technology tools when deemed necessary and otherwise care to stick to the conventional approaches.



Based in UK and working for well-known brands, CodeFirst is an evolving company delivering its services in the field of custom software development. . The company has redefined the industry standards by providing exceptional user-experience and hence became one of the fastest-growing custom software development experts in the market.


HQSoftware is a trusted custom software development company delivering complex solutions across the globe since 2001. The company’s core domains include IoT (Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Smart City, etc.), Augmented and Virtual Reality, E-learning, Finance and Banking, and Video solutions.

Their backend tech stack encompasses: PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Node.js, IoT.js, Device.js; Front-end technologies: HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Less, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, React, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap; Mobile expertise: development for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, Cross-platform and Hybrid programming.

180 Creative

180 Creative was founded in 2012 and since then they have built strong position in local and international market. Today 180 Creative works for clients around the world – from USA to Australia. Their main area of expertise is – custom web and mobile app development. There are many benefits to work with them: they are great in communication with clients, they write codes of high quality, and provide warranty for atleast 12 months.

Sunlight Media

Sunlight Media

In addition to internet marketing and web designing services, the company also offers expertise in custom software development. Whether you need a custom software to run on Mac OS X or Windows, the team of skilled software developers can develop the same you have ever dreamed of. If you are looking for a software development company in Los Angeles, reach out to Sunlight Media.



We came in market in late 90’s with the spirit to carve niche through Software Development, Internet Marketing, Web designing and management.  At that time it was more about satisfying customer with the technology that was in the budding phase. We worked hard and put in extra effort to make the business of our customers grow digitally. That is the reason, if you check our portfolio you will realize that our existing client base is so strong that formal marketing to acquire new customer has never been done.

The philosophy of our company that each and every employee believe and implement by heart is that customer is right and should be offered something extra. That is the reason our staff puts in extra efforts to listen to and resolve customer queries to the best. Customers represent the heart of our business while our employees are the backbone to it. So we make sure that they are not just a bunch of technical staff but rather a team of motivated individuals. For that we provide technical and soft skills training to them.  This gives us unique edge, as any moment they can be contacted and you see the best of them.


Inclout comprises of a team of expert developers, who together developed thousands of custom applications solving every bit of issues faced by their clients. Their design skills when directed by the ideas of the clients could produce an exceptional, modern, fast, efficient, fully-functional and reliable apps, which are again user-friendly.

Harlow Technologies

Founded in 1997, our next big company is Harlow Technologies. Counted amongst the best custom software development companies, Harlow Technologies accepts and uses the latest technologies and methodologies to develop apps according to your tastes with assured quality and competitive gains in the cost of developing these solutions.

Solid Software Solutions

Solid Software Solutions focuses on delivery of cloud services of well-established providers such as AWS and Azure. On top of that, the company does not shy away from cutting-edge technologies and ideas. The team members are keen on the ever-growing areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and willing to tackle each individual project with maximum technical expertise. The delivery is always based on the Lean/Agile principles to ensure the top-notch quality of the product.

R-Style Lab

R-Style Lab is an all-rounder Custom Software Developer, providing enterprise solutions in addition to mobile apps. Why this counts among the Best Custom Software Development Companies is because of the outstanding IT consulting services that come in with premium software development with global technology providers.


95Visual is that web service provider that can go well beyond your expectations, with their deep expertise in all verticals: education, energy, insurance, labor union, finance, and many more. This Custom Software developer provides high-end business solutions to its clients all over the world.

Godel Technologies

Making use of agile delivery approaches and superb software development, this Custom Software developer assures you the best quality in Europe. Godel Technologies is a Custom Software Development Company that delivers its software products well before your deadlines at affordable costs.

Gramercy Tech

This boutique tech agency, Gramercy Tech, was founded in 2003. It specializes in concept creation and design, software development, production and execution for events. With both imaginative approaches and experience in versatile event production, Gramercy Tech uses Avant-grade technology to yield large-scale events that may range from virtual reality to motion control or reactive digital signage.


The inception of this firm was a result of an initiative of a group of professionals with 25+ years of experience in the field. They shared their resources to form a company wholly managed by experts. Innovative solutions, websites, web apps, commercial products, custom projects and open source tools are produced by this Custom Software Development Company.


A Poland-based software and consultancy company, SoftwareMill has the experience and expertise in developing custom IT systems, specifically that which deal with Machine Learning Solutions, big data and Business Intelligence.


Clienteles who signed up with FrogSlayer have witnessed their product’s revenue growth in 90 days or less. FrogSlayer is a Custom Software Development Company which, since 2011, has served its clients well enough to generate over $250M. It helps them by creating advanced B2B commercial software products, accelerating their time-to-market and escalating their market share.

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