10 Web-Based Tools For Developers To Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Posted by David Watson . on July 31, 2013

With loads of tools by this time accessible — and more leaping up all the time — there appears to be a answer for any mobile app developer out there (expert and beginners like). In this article, we are presenting 10 solutions for building cross-platform mobile apps. They were selected for their diverse levels of complication, price, features and documentation.

1. Sencha Touch 2

If you are no alien to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, then this tool may be a great choice for building mobile apps on Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Sencha Touch 2 needs to be installed on your computer. You also require a web server running nearby on your computer (here’s how to install XAMMP if you need help).

2. iBuildApp

iBuildApp is an amazing tool for building mobile apps. They have a decent collection of templates for many diverse kinds of apps, and you can have your application highlighted in the iBuildApp Gallery.

3. appMobi XDK

appMobi XDK is web-based mobile app development setting that is accessible as a Google Chrome plugin. The appMobi service will also host your mobile application for you, as well as offer you with the capability to install it in prevalent app stores.

4. Widgetbox

Widgetbox provides an easy-to-use online tool for crafting and presenting modest, content-based mobile applications. You can make pages for your application comprehending RSS feeds from blogs or other social networking sites.

5. AppMakr

AppMakr is a cloud-based tool for making content-centered mobile apps, as well as a facility that can aid you allocate your app in numerous app stores.

6. Tiggzi

Tiggzi is a drag-and-drop tool for building mobile apps. You can supplement maps, standard buttons, video, menus, and other components to your mobile app and then fix events and conforming activities to them

7. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is an HTML5 UI framework developed for touchscreen devices. The jQuery Mobile framework is up-front and well renowned.

8. foneFrame

foneFrame is a mobile HTML5/CSS3 framework for making mobile-optimized web pages. You can then utilize PhoneGap or appMobi XDK for the backend

9. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a free and open source application that works as a channel among specific mobile OS SDKs

10. PhoneGap Build

The people at PhoneGap have gone one step advance in making a web-based platform that constructs your “builds” for you.


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