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Posted by David Watson . on October 5, 2018

If you are looking to learn on how to make some real money online, then you have to go where most of the demand is and this is online marketing or internet marketing. There are many programs that will help you to learn on how to do that, like the course that is offered by the AWOL Academy. You probably have read other AWOL Academy reviews online, but if you are looking to know the real deal, read on..


What’s the AWOL Academy?

As the name suggests, AWOL Academy is the educational program, which teaches people about online marketing, achieves financial freedom by making money online in a simple to understand terms. Offering by AWOL Academy is such that any Online Marketing beginner would like to try it out– the roadmap to quitting your day jobs and starting your earnings from the internet marketing. You see that these types of Online Marketing Training on the internet, and although they legitimate, they’re charging you a lot for the education, such as Six Figures Mentors, Digital Altitude, and MLSP.

Is AWOL Academy legit?

AWOL Academy is the legitimate educational & mentoring program with the focus more on online marketing. Training provided by the AWOL Academy is very useful and is replicated successfully many times by the experienced web marketers. But, these many factors make the AWOL Academy appear like a scam:

Guaranteed $10k Profit within 3 Months

In the free webinars by Keala, he assures of $10,000 earnings in three months if you bought Masters Academy and AWOL Elite –two highly expensive courses. There are the strict conditions to the guarantee, like listening to the training audio daily, going through the daily programs, generating daily traffic, emailing leads and lists daily & mastermind daily (to become active on the AWOL forum). You will need to spend some more money, as leads through paid advertising do not come very cheap.

Affiliate Marketing

There is not any information about the affiliates on AWOL Academy website, primarily because it is just offered to the members. What the potential members do not know is that the company spends high time in encouraging the members to promote their program, then helping the members to achieve what is “taught” on AWOL courses.

High Cost

Jump on the course fees is totally unbelievable. Starting from $99 – $297, then $997, $3,497 & $9,997, there is not any way to justify this high costing. Most of the information included in these courses are willingly available on the internet (free), except for private coaching.

For Whom the course is made For?

In theory, it can be for the newbie to learn more about making money on the internet and for the experienced internet marketer who would like to scale up their business and wants help. However, you require money to spare on it. Firstly there’s the price, of course, after that, you will need to invest in tools, more training courses and more ads to get the traffic on your offer. Thus this is not for an average person who is looking to earn money on the internet. You should be ready to work really hard and take the right action.

Let us look at the Pro and Cons:
  • 14-day of refund policy with no questions asked.
  • Some detailed training with subjects I have not seen in other training programs.
  • Coaching – though you need to pay a very high price you will get advice from the experienced marketers.
  • You’re told it can take hard work & you must not join if you are strapped for cash.
  • Paid traffic from the ads – Majority of their training is actually geared towards getting traffic from the paid ads, you can end up spending huge money.
  • Costly– Though Pro Academy is just $99 you have to buy many other courses and products to become successful. You’re warned by Keala that this program is not made for you if you are hardly “getting by”.
  • Becoming the affiliate costs you money – though you get extra training & done for funnels, it becomes costly $40 every month and $999 Traffic Academy.
  • Upsells –If you buy one program you are recommended to purchase another and it continues

Final Words

Thus, AWOL Academy course is one good training program and they offer you courses that will teach you ins & outs of online Marketing. The program educates you on how to optimize the marketing efforts on the internet and make the significant income with the online business.

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