3 Best WhatsApp Spying Apps 2018

Posted by David Watson . on January 1, 2018

Whatsapp spy

In the current techno-digital era, prevalence of messaging apps has influenced our cultural landscape. Proliferation of tech gadgets has opened gateway for communication channels which are used by people to stay connected with each other all across the globe.

Since the invention of smartphones, web developers are introducing new messaging apps with each passing day. With over one billion users today (DMR Stats), WhatsApp is one of the top messaging applications in the smartphone market. Almost anyone who owns a smartphone uses this app. It has offered endless opportunities to people to communicate with each other in the most convenient and fun way possible.

Adding to its diverse uses, WhatsApp has become an app where you can find all important information about a person. It is the key platform to receive details about people, be it your kids, spouse, or employees, so if you want to have an insight into someone’s life, all you have to do is monitor their WhatsApp correspondence.

WhatsApp spying on iPhone and Android is a delicate matter which is why you must choose a software you trust. All you need to do is install the spy app and begin monitoring. From among a plethora of monitoring apps, I have curated for you best WhatsApp spying apps that can offer remote access to a target’s phone.

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro, one of the most prominent spying softwares in the market is known for offering numerous spying features for both Android (4.4-7) and iPhone (9-11.2). This monitoring app completely works in the hidden mode and never lets the targeted phone user know that their phone is being monitored. In case of an Android phone, a user just needs 5 minutes to install the software in the intended Android user’s phone.

While in case of an iPhone, a user is not required to install the software in an intended iPhone, instead iPhone credentials are what all that you need to spy on an iPhone. Also, a user doesn’t have to worry of being caught, as the software will throughout remain undetectable in the target user’s phone. So, if you’re willing to spy on your partner, kids or employee’s phone, use Spymaster Pro and start spying the target phone remotely and secretly.

2. Mspy


An undetectable app, Mspy allows WhatsApp spying on iPhone and Android phones. You can monitor practically every aspect of a smartphone. Installed in less than 10 minutes, Mspy provides you access to its online console from where you can monitor all the WhatsApp conversation of your target. The online dashboard of Mspy keeps you updated by providing a live feed of all the activity taking place in the target phone. You can not only read the message content in WhatsApp but also view the multimedia files if shared any. These multimedia files may include exchange of photos, videos, and audio clips.

Mspy does more than spying the WhatsApp activity. It has best features clubbed up under professional and personal monitoring, which is a great accomplishment. However, the app offers its services worth a lot of your money and has a tech-savvy interface which sometimes requires time before you can get used to its access.

3. Xnspy


Offering preeminent features, Xnspy aims to monitor and report the target activities discreetly. It is indeed one of the decent picks when you are looking for WhatsApp spyware. Like other apps, Xnspy also monitors message content as well as multimedia files but it comes with certain add-ons. In case you doubt a certain contact or are determined to know a specific topic of conversation, you can watch-list keywords, which if used in the message correspondence between your target and their contacts, will then provide instant alerts on your phone so that you can be notified of the unauthorized activity taking place by your target. This can highlight social evils around you including sexting, cyber-bullying, corporate espionage, etc. Moreover, you can also retrieve the deleted WhatsApp messages of your target from the online monitoring console (Dashboard Monitoring) so no worries about that too.

Whether your target has a Jailbreak/Non-Jailbreak iPhone or an Android phone, Xnspy is compatible with all, offering WhatsApp spying under all tracking programs. With its state-of-the-art features and efficient customer service, it has become most sought after app. Though Xnspy is inexpensive and has an intuitive user interface, it often does not ensure real-time monitoring which can be a problem for the potential users. But this occurs quite rarely!


One of the top line spying apps, Flexispy is the perfect software for those who want to have complete and accurate information about someone. It has a powerful yet friendly user interface which can be used by novice and tech-wizards alike. Flexispy is highly reliable when tracking WhatsApp data since it offers to monitor WhatsApp messages, calls, and the location shared by the target and their contacts. All this data can be viewed online via the web-based control panel. One of the best aspects of Flexispy is that it works undetectably, so your target will never find out he’s being spied on, therefore it’s one of the stealthiest apps in the monitoring spectrum.

Though the app offers premium use to potential users, WhatsApp spy app is unavailable if your target phone is Non-rooted or Non-Jailbroken. So, to avail the service, you have to make sure that the target phone must be Jailbreak or rooted.


In the contemporary times, it’s impossible to stay reclusive to technology. With the digitalization of the social structure, monitoring apps are becoming mainstream since they extract information from a target phone so that the user can safeguard one’s important interests. The above analyses on the best WhatsApp spying apps can help you make an informed purchase decision about the right app that can fulfill all your requirements. In the arena of monitoring tech, each of them does a commendable job. So choose wisely and act smartly!

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