4 Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Own Design Company

Posted by David Watson . on December 18, 2017

Starting any line of work is a serious move, and it is something you should do only after you have thoroughly thought it through. You need to know the market, the customer’s expectations, and what you can deliver, and that’s just scratching the surface of what is necessary.

Here, we are going to focus on the design business, or rather, starting your design company. The following article will contain some tips and suggestions to help you during this start up process.

Here are some essential factors you should consider before starting your own design company.

Choosing your design niche

Design is a very broad term, and as such, it has a number of subcategories, and even those sub-categories have their own sub-categories.  When you are choosing your niche, these are the things you need to have in mind.

Do you use a broad approach for the sake of a wider base of potential clients, or do you go in-depth because you will appear more reliable if you specialize in one approach? The best thing to do is to find some sort of balance; for example, to opt for graphic design and offer services like illustration, logo design, cover design, etc.

You can do some research on other businesses in the same niche, and see how professional creative design companies do things and what kind of services they offer.

Finding your staff

The next thing you should do is find your staff, which can be troublesome for a startup. If you do not have any work yet, then it is a risky move to hire a large number of people, and if you already have a lot of pressing tasks on your plate, then finding whoever is available in a hurry might not yield the results you expect. Perhaps it would be better to spend some time talent scouting and find competent people who are looking for better working conditions.

In other words, you need to be on the lookout for overseas workers who live in the countries with lower standards, so that you can easily offer them better payment for their talent. In fact, these people are probably looking for a better gig, and they display their work, or portfolio, on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, or on websites like DeviantArt.

Market analysis

Another factor you need to consider is the market itself; to be precise, how many other companies do the same thing on the local level, and how many customers they have. On the other hand, if you are going to primarily focus on online clients, then you need to figure out how to make a better offer than your competitors. One way you can definitely use to your advantage is the price if you manage to find overseas workers, as discussed previously.

Marketing strategy

Finally, you will need a marketing strategy and, for a startup, it’s better to focus on social media or other online platforms that allow you to promote creative design services, than on an expensive and aggressive advertising campaign. You can also use social networks like LinkedIn to find potential clients, other start-ups who need a logo design, or writers and bands who need a cover design, etc. Do not be afraid to reach out, these are social networks after all, and people are there to socialize.

These were some of the major factors you need to consider from a business perspective. As far as products or services are concerned, that is entirely up to you, but having a unique style definitely improves your chances of client acquisition.

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