4 Reasons to Use Soda PDF For EBook Reading

Posted by David Watson . on July 26, 2018

Ebook lovers know the capabilities of a PDF reader when it comes to book reading. Book reading isn’t simply about reading, there are many things involved that makes the reading part more interesting.

Book nerds love to highlight favorite passages, jump to pages so that they can take breaks during readings, bookmark favorite pages, add labels and text, change reading modes etc.

While most latest phones and computers can open PDF filled without needing any external software, you will need a good quality PDF reader to be able to get all the additional features.

Luckily, Soda PDF is one such reader. It offers all of these options and a lot more to enhance your reading experience. While you can get it for free, it also has a paid version with some additional features. Moreover, you can also enjoy Enterprise PDF if you need it for business.

Soda PDF

Here are 4 reasons to use Soda PDF for ebook reading:

Read Out Loud Option

The read out options involves the PDF reader narrating the book to you. This takes you down the memory lane when your mother used to read out stories to you.

It’s a premium feature that many PDF readers don’t offer, but this one does. The feature goes by with different names such as Read Out loud Option and Text-To-Speech in different apps. However, the functionality is the same.

A marker runs along the words which are being narrated by the software so that you know how a specific word is written as and pronounced as. It’s a win-win situation for you as you get to expand your vocabulary.

This feature is to make sure that the user doesn’t have to put any stress on the eyes.

Sticky Note Feature

What good is a PDF reader if it doesn’t let you comment on your favorite quotes and passages? This often goes by the name of annotations and it lets users highlight chunks of text, and even add text as comments, or leave notes on pages.

Page Jump

Page jumping is a useful feature as it lets you skip and jump pages. If due to any reason, you want to skip a part and jump further ahead or backward then you can do it with Soda PDF reader. All you need to do is enter the page number in the page search box and hit enter.

Zoom Option

It is normal to come across eBooks with images on them. However, at times these images are too tiny or the words printed on them are not readiable unless you zoom in on the screen.

For this purpose, you need the ability to magnify on pages, and all quality PDF readers offer this feature, including Soda PDF. The software can zoom in on pages without affecting the quality, making it easy for you to read whatever you need to read.

There are many more features that Soda PDF has to offer. You can start off with the free version to take a look at what the software has to offer and then get your hands on the paid deal.

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