Showcasing 40 Funny Photogenic Animals Posing for Camera

Posted by Eyden Haze . on February 6, 2018

One of the most significant things in photography is accurate timing. A photographer can change an ordinary shot into a once in a life-time shot with lots of persistence and great timing.

In fact, taking a perfectly timed animal photo needs a great deal of time, patience, and some say fortune. There is no margin of error, not even a smallest one as if they even flickered they would have missed a shot.

Here, we are showcasing tremendously funny photogenic animals posing for camera, which is a result of those photographers who are smart workers and work day and night for their zeal.

Dude your breath stinks!!

This Kangaroo Who Definitely Has It Going On

This pup isn’t afraid to look the camera right in the lens

Albino Gorilla knows it all

She’s so edgy…no catalog gigs for this kitty

I got my own little umbrella

Acting casual like it’s not a big deal

Tyra told me to smile with my eyes

Hello human!

He’s practicing for the Sports Illustrated cover

Dangerous playground

Legs (and arms) for miles

Stop that, don’t look at me! No, look at me…stop looking at me!

Self Portrait

I’m Sexy And I Know It

He knows he’s cute

The Timeless Art Of Seduction

I can do this coy look for days

Stella, The Sexy Seductress

I’ve never seen such a hip cat before

It’s time to take a rest

There are bound to be a few outtakes in the reel

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Squirrels

That’s right, let the wind blow through your hair

This Guy Has Got It All Figured Out

I wish I looked this good when I wink

Do you think this red is in my color palette?

Can you not wake me up before 11 a.m.?

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

He’s become a pro at finding his light

About to deliver a terrible pickup line

This little one likes to toe the risqué line


I’m Just A Cat Who Pose

I’m scary! No?

Who, me?

Squirrel Posing

Wonders what you’re thinking about

Cute Bunny Tail

Trying to get into a liberal arts college to major in theater

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