5 Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2018

Posted by David Watson . on February 2, 2018

There is a famous saying by Paul Cookson, “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do.” You certainly agree with it. Don’t you? No user will stop by your website if the design is outdated. Hence, it is important to keep your website updated with the evolving design trends and provide a refreshing look.

2018 is approaching. To assist you in redesigning your website, top web design companies have unveiled the powerful web design trends that will not only enhance your website but will also help you achieve your goals.

1. Irregular Grid Layout

Grids make it easy for web designers to align all the elements properly and make the website navigation easy. Various content management systems including WordPress use grids to make CMS easy to manage. Apparently, grid layout was brought into use to make designing effortless but the actual purpose was to create websites responsive using CSS. In March 2017, CSS grid layout was introduced with some additional features providing designers an ease to innovate some unique web design styles and amaze the end-users.

2. Bold Typography and Bright Colors

Casual website design seizes a huge number of eyeballs compared to the professional design. The use of bright colors, bold font styles and innovation in design makes the website look more elegant and appealing. Bold font styles improve the website readability. Bright colors, on the other hand, makes the UI look pleasing and delightful. The goal behind using bold fonts and bright colors is to create an impact on the web visitors and eventually convert them into buyers. This trend will continue to impress users in the upcoming year also.

3. Professional Social Networks

Adding social media plugins is a common approach but today web visitors emphasize more on the company’s professional networks. Many business organizations have adopted the practice to publish their work on professional networks like Behance with a brief project description and link it with the website under the portfolio menu. You can also include them along with other social plugins to add a value to your work and simultaneously build a level of trust amongst the users.

4. Voice UI and Search

You cannot miss to include search functionality on your website as it makes the website tour easy and quick for users. To complement the traditional search functionality, voice UI will be brought into use. Voice UI is a natural language processing which now understands and instantly act on complex voice commands. When integrated with machine language, voice UI can predict your search prior completing the command. Before implementing this functionality in your website ensure that the website content is conversational as users can come with different commands just the way they communicate with mobile AI apps like Cortana or Siri.

5. The Rise of Micro Interactions

Nowadays, we have come across a composed way of messaging. Facebook and other social media networks have made us acquaint micro interactions. Unlike the traditional way of messaging, users are attracted to a variety of reactions to posts and messages. These micro interactions allow users to communicate without reloading the page. In 2018, micro interactions will be seen on various websites along with the simple textual messaging to increase the communication speed and accord users with richer interactions.

Summing Up

This brings an end to the best web design trends. Needless to say, there are 5 common UX mistakes designers make that harms the user experience of the website. Try not to commit those mistakes and make the website function smoothly.

Over to you…

Which design trends will you choose to redesign your website for the coming year? Do share with us in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you.

Author Bio : Kim Smith is a Content Consultant at Goodfirms.co, a full-fledged research firm in USA. She’s been journeying through the world of content marketing for more than 4 years. Her experience spans in areas like mobile apps, start-ups and social media. Online you can find her on twitter: @contactkim11

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