7 Interesting Ways How Chatbots are Modernizing Ecommerce World

Posted by Eyden Haze . on February 20, 2018

Whether you want to hire a service or food or place a bid, ecommerce has surely changed the way customers go about meeting their needs! The efficient and friendly way of shopping has meant that ecommerce companies are gearing up for modern and highly efficient ways of keeping customers hooked to their services and products.

Ecommerce companies have long felt the need to make their stores as unique as possible and, thereby, stay ahead of their competition. One of the newest trends to have emerged in the recent years is chatbots that help online stores engage with customers at a personal level and get to know them better! Here, we are putting out 7 interesting and assured ways how chatbots can help bring out a change in engaging customers.

1. Collecting data from customers

Believe it or not; chatbots can be effectively used for collecting a variety of data from customers. It is, therefore, not surprising to see them fast emerging as a major source of gathering data and, possibly, the best form of analytics to have emerged in the recent years. From collecting response times and nuances in the speech to fathoming typing accuracy, chatbots are reliable and quick. What’s more, chatbots are niche specific and are sure to offer more value to site owners.

2. Assured outreach

The traditional marketing strategies that were relied upon by companies for improving outreach though may still work; chatbots present you a unique and an even better way to improve your outreach. In fact, chatbots will help you touch upon areas that have not been accessed thus far and reach target groups. Chatbots are also excellent in helping online stores help meet specific needs of their customers. In addition to completing the purchases they initially set out in the marketplace, chatbots ensure customers end up buying products and services that are recommended by them!

3. Improved revenue

The codes are so designed that they help in identifying purchase history and preferences of customers. Based on the details collected, chatbots uses its analytics to suggest items to customers. As online users browse through various items across different pages of the store, chatbots do its job of collecting vital data in the background that will, in turn, help convert leads into conversion.

4. Better store management

Multiple operations can be easily and effectively carried out when chatbots are integrated into an online store.
Almost all operations can be carried out and controlled from the dashboard or a window. For online store owners, this means that there is no need to develop a separate application. In fact, all they need is a chatbot that will help optimize their services to ensure users are able to gain access to a variety of services without any hassle.

5. Effective handling of sales services

Chatbots have the ability to become an important part of sales and support. This is because chatbots can be employed in online stores as an interactive agent that can initiate an auditory dialogue or a textual message whenever the customers are looking for help while purchasing products and services. Customers are enticed to get into the conversation as they are stimulated by a human presence and thereby collect information from them almost immediately.

6. Readiness

Online stores are supposed to function round the clock to meet the needs of global audiences that may access them at different time zones. Chatbots help these stores by passing on vital information and attending to various queries at the same time.

7. Collecting feedback from customers

Online websites can optimize their presence by collecting information and feedback from customers. Chatbots are excellent in that they conduct online surveys and rearrange elements based on the feedback collected.

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