72 Features That Any Ecommerce Website Must have [Infographic]

Posted by David Watson . on October 12, 2017

Usability plays a key role in the success of any ecommerce site. But determining which design features are most essential is not easy. The following infographic presents 72 ecommerce features that will ensure your site is user-friendly and easy to manage.

The infographic is divided into several subsections, each representing a particular page. Typically the common pages of any ecommerce site are: Home, Category page, Product page, Checkout page and Blog. Each of these pages has particular structures which are shown in the infographic.

Of course, each ecommerce site is different. But you’ll find that the essential features and structure of these pages are applicable in general.

Home page

The first 25 features presented in the infographic are for the homepage. Mentioning the risk reducers is one crucial thing that many ecommerce sites don’t do. Another effective feature mentioned here displaying products based on the personal search history.

Category Page

The most important feature for the category page is the ability to filter and sort products. This helps the customers find the right product easily.

Product Page

Many ecommerce sitesdon’t include high-quality images of their products. That is a great mistake form the perspective of conversion. Not only should your site include high-quality product images, but also it should have images from different angles if necessary.

Adding trust signals near the add-to-cart button is a common practice. You should also have social media share buttons right below.

Check out Page

The features mentioned on the checkout page are crucial because most of your potential customers will abandon their cart and leave from this page. Mention the total price and details of tax, discount etc.


Having a blog has become mandatory even for ecommerce sites. Without presenting just a list of articles, organise the posts based on categories on the sidebar.

Back-End Features

A successful ecommerce site is not only user-friendly but also easy to manage. Modern ecommerce platforms will give you all the essential back-endfeatures mentioned here. But still, the infographic points out the most important ones.

Other Features

Last but not the least, the infographic reminds us some of the important features like responsive design, security. backup etc. These are essential for any ecommerce site.

Here is the Infographic –

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