8 Fundamentals Of Android App Development You Must Know

Posted by David Watson . on February 5, 2018

Android app development often gets underrated misjudging it to be just the cost generation that counts. Hardly a few know the effort put up in updating Android apps. One of the many facts about the app developers is that the skills they possess aren’t an extract from the books available on developing codes. An ideal app developer undergoes a consistent learning phase where he/she learns valuable skills which are a result of the trends in apps we see today. This article would bring eight fundamentals of Android app development to the spotlight. Here you go:

1. Coding is not the only thing that does the magic

The world has witnessed the birth of skilled programmers and there are tons of books available as a head start create better programmers like The Passionate Programmer. Coding is not enough these days, not as rigid as it was before. There are local developers who can create and deploy an android app for you. They are capable of teaching themselves anything related to app development.

2. Internet is Your Mentor

Google is the path you must walk on, a web development platform that serves you anything and everything. For all you need to know about in recent trends, the likes of JS, CSS, Framework and x-browser make up just the perfect list. Being a developer who is familiar with these platforms, the success of a project is not guaranteed. Every single bit of the system, API features, CSS and the target audience must be known by an ideal developer.

3. Influencing the Behavior of Visitors Through Your Mobile App

Today, very piece of information and every feature of your website influences the visitor, be it your site lacking a scrollbar or key options, you are sure to lose a bunch of guests. The struggle to develop sites that thoroughly entertains the user is real. Certain Analytic tools and heat maps can become valuable in determining that the users interact the maximum with which links and buttons, helpful in improving their experience with the latest updates.

4. DevOps

Tis part consists of extra tools and tricks. Two chief things count in the main body of DevOps: development and production, meaning producing new things and keeping them intact, respectively. Sometimes, developers who don’t have much knowledge about basic production, develop codes which are inappropriate. This happens only because they focus more on enriching the product’s features of the production list, rather than deploying it to production. They are, however, not aware of the consequences they’d deal with at a later stage.

5. What Users Want?

Take account of what people around you are doing and what they need the most. Enjoy making that real by indenting CSS files sufficiently or may be improving a rail app, with the support of due reasons.

Developers need to walk around and find what the users have to say, such as the businesses, procedures or the processes of running them. If you are part of an Android app development company who knows what users have a thirst for, build value-added apps for the users.

Have in-depth knowledge of how thing work at the market. Challenge yourself to bring ideas of new technologies to life. Paying the role of a smart developer, present your brilliant ideas to the client, bearing in mind that your budget is not unheeded, matching your time frame and knowing what your clients want.

6. Drawing and Writing

Yes, drawing is one thing you must not miss on, as an app developer. You must know how to present ideas on paper, beer mat or a whiteboard. Drawing happens to be the best way of letting your clients knows what your ideas look like. A visual representation of ideas does the magic when words fail. Clients do not hire developers who nod to everything they say. They often read you before you know it.

7. Study Basic Optimization Tricks

You can learn tricks to attract the attention of your clients, which is important to lead the world of app development. Play Store is where you need to go to achieve this goal. Focus on the keywords and adopt strategies for targeting those keywords on your page. The front-end requires a great deal of work here, a clear markup and efficient usage of h1, h2, Meta and title tags. On the back-end, work on offering solid links and a good directory structure organization.

8. Difference in Appearance on Different Computers

It is highly recommended to create websites and attach their links to your Android app. This helps create awareness and enhances brand credibility. Work on both the website and the app in parallel. Dedicate yourself and invest some time on the website as much as you do on the app. Errors in the website could trigger the user’s disinterest in the product. Website appearances may be different on different browsers or devices. It all depends on how different browsers identify and decode the elements of your website and display them.

These minor differences can get a little tricky as you build your website, ensuring that you deliver the best user experience to your target audience. Professionals are handy in this case. Every experienced Android development company must be aware of the CSS and HTML standards, PHP development, WordPress development, browser-compatibility issues, etc. However, make sure you link your website to the Play Store, once you’re done with your app development. This increases the chances of your app making it to the top in the market.

Indubitably, rivals shape the best in you. Stay closer to your competition. Identify your competitors in the market and find what you lack, learn in the process. Being a part of a Mobile app development, make yourself look the worst in every group you are in. Being the worst actually helps you be better. Involve in projects out of work, contribute to the economy and receive feedbacks. The more the criticism, the better you get back in return. The industry is growing as it never before.

If you want to be one among the rank holders, satisfy your clients and end users like no other developer can. While you learn, stay updated with recent trends in the market. Serve the users with a better reason to download your apps than they have to download that of your competitors.

If you are looking for professional and reliable Android App Developers, then you can hire any of the below listed companies. These companies have been shortlisted on the basis of customer’s feedback, total experience, turn around time and many more such factors: 


Apptology, is a mobile app development, web development & web design company, delivering the best suited solutions at a competitive price across the world. It has a dedicated team of 50+ full-time Android App Developers and other professionals, including project managers, developers (mobile app, web design, and development) & QA experts. Apptology has produced superlative results for the clients in past 8+ years.



C7Creative group is known for its proactive implementation, innovation and a rich user-experience. This award-winning app development company serves enterprise client by building, maintaining and supporting business critical apps for Android-Powered Smartphone.

Synergo Group


Synergo Group is yet another dominant Android app development company with a team of experts ready to take down large scale projects within the given time frame. Pros at Synergo are lively, highly-focused and approachable.



AppBurst develops native applications for iOS, Android as well as mobile web apps. Appburst considers themselves as a mobile app development and internet marketing company as they provide a wide range of specialized and custom services to domains ranging from events to video games. They work with organizations to implement an end to end mobile application strategy.



Openxcell Technologies takes pride in calling themselves a customer-centric company as they design and develop robust and reliable multi-platform apps for Android. Openxcell is popular for taking up projects to enrich their client demands.

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