A Guide on How to Write a Fax Cover Sheet

Posted by David Watson . on December 31, 2018

Fax machines have always been there to send documents from one place to another. They have been used in the offices and institutes where some kind of formal or legal information has to be sent.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to make a fax cover sheet. Because writing a professional fax cover sheet is very important.

Although it is one of the oldest ways of sending the documents in the modern era of technology and gadgets, this is also a very convenient and secure way of sending documents. In the fax, the content or information is printed on the paper and the number of papers containing the information is sent through the fax machine to the recipient.

Thus, this method provides the recipient to the get the documents directly printed on the papers whereas by the mailing the information or the document, the content remains in the form of soft copy and the recipient has print that information on the paper to get it filed.

Therefore, in many ways, sending the information through the help of fax machine is one of the most suitable and efficient ways of sending the documents. In the fax, there is a cover sheet or a front page that contains an introduction about the type of content or data that has been sent to the recipient.

As there are various type of cover sheets that are used in accordance with the type of data or the content that has been sent to the recipient. Because there have been certain standard categories that have been decided for the cover sheet in relevance to the type of document that the person is sending through the fax machine.

The categories of standardized cover sheets that are used for a specific type of document are Personal Information, Medical, Handwriting., Confidential, Sensitive Information, Basic, Snowman, and many more. Thus, these type of cover sheets are there and among these the best suited can be used for the fax.

As there are people that don’t that where they have to put business and personal information therefore for this problem cover sheet is the solution as it is the complete format in relevance to the fax and it also lets the person know what the fax is about.

A person can select the appropriate cover sheet according to the type of fax he/she wants to send either from the internet as there is various fax template that available online for free or there is also an option make a customized or personalized cover sheet according to the requirement.

Steps to follow on how to write a fax cover sheet –

    • Open the Microsoft Word, click on the “File” tab then select “New“.

    • Double click on the “Faxes” button and find the fax template that is suitable for your preferences.
    • On the template, highlight the placeholder text on the fax cover sheet. Then add the “Name” and then type your name and the all other information.
    • Replace the details with the information you want to include. You can also place a company logo.

  • After you’re done, click the “File” tab again and select “Save As”.

This is how to write a fax cover sheet. If you have any queries regarding writing of a fax cover sheet, you can ask us any time.

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