A New Era in Business Promotion: WordPress Plugins

Posted by David Watson . on June 14, 2018

WP Plugins

The easiest and cost free source of blogging nowadays is none other than WordPress. It is by far the best and most popular blogging tool in recent times. WordPress is a platform that provided developers many opportunities to create premium WordPress plugins that are used to help fulfill the needs of millions of WordPress users.


WordPress is simply, a software that runs on top of a web server. Basic WordPress is like an unadorned house that has the essentials but not very pretty.

WordPress is the favorite platform for millions of bloggers. For someone who wants to change the appearance of their blog or make the site appear more professional; they only need to choose and install a WordPress theme that caters to their need and taste. It is that simple. Also if a blogger wants to make certain features prominent on their WordPress website; all they need to do is find and install the associated WordPress plugin.

What is a plugin and what are its features?

To be simply put; WordPress plugins are previously packaged codes that can be used to enhance the features of a website or a blog in WordPress. Various plugins offer a full range of features.

First of all, plugins help a WordPress blog optimize itself so that it can turn up in top search results in search engines.

Secondly, plugins can be used to supervise stats like page views, and visitors, etc. Thirdly, plugins can prevent comments from spamming and as a result stop them from jamming the blogger’s WordPress account. Plugins have other useful features too such as photo galleries, advertisement manager and social bookmarking. WordPress plugins can make a blogger’s work a lot easier as it adds much functionality to their blogs and reduce the tedious work of complicated coding. So it is no surprise that developers will take special notice of these features and try to take them a notch higher and will try developing premium quality WordPress plugins to satisfy the needs of different bloggers.


Premium WordPress Plugins have not yet taken over the importance that free WordPress plugins still enjoy, but there is no denying the fact that premium plugins cannot be underestimated either. When compared to their free counterparts, premium plugins provide much more assurance of them being updated and improved. Now there are quite a few premium plugins available, and most of these plugins have useful features that can and will enhance your blog’s chances for search engine optimization (SEO), and also help in sectors such as affiliate marketing and advertising. Premiums plugins for SEO lets users enjoy complete control over their blogs and that too from the ease of their WordPress dashboard.

Now some premium plugins are customized specifically for affiliate marketing and enable the blogger so that they can manage their affiliate links and increase traffic to that site from their WordPress dashboard. Not only does it make things easier for the user, but affiliate-centric premium plugins can also help bloggers advertise on their blogs.

Plugins meant for advertisements can assist the user manage paid reviews, text links, etc. Some premium plugins also allow the users to create full-featured website blogs.

Investing in a premium plugin to enhance your WordPress account to drive traffic to your blog and through that to your affiliate link and increase customer will mean more profit for your business. It is an ingenious new way of social media marketing because this is a relation that is built on trust and more often than not, will turn dedicated followers of your blog into customers of the product you are blogging about.

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