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Posted by Eyden Haze . on October 12, 2016

Taking the international printing industry to the next level and revolutionizing the digital printing technology, Apliiq is online t-shirt design software with a whole range of time-saving and cost-cutting options for its users. Looking at the increasing demand in the t-shirt printing business, the software can work wonders for it when it comes to multiplying the conversion rates for business owners. It is time one makes a shift from the old offset techniques to the new-fangled digital world where designing is just like dreaming and it comes true.

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About Apliiq Pocket Tees Design Software

If you are keen to measure the scope of designing a pocket tee, go for the ultimate Apliiq pocket tees design software. Create custom tees with this software that don’t compromise on anything like quality, artwork and choice. With this software, there is absolutely no limit to just how many tees you can design, with each of them being unique. People are already going crazy for these custom t-shirts that fit any kind of personality and are hand sewn. The more the number of these t-shirts, the more you are able to save. Pocket tees are the simplest way to pep up your style quotient and overall appearance, and all you need is the software to design them.

Features of Apliiq Pocket Tees Design Software

Pocket tees carry a creatively sewn pocket in your tee’s left breast area. Apliiq software is a perfect tool with numerous amazing features to design such a tee. First of all, it lets you create pocket tees in different styles and patterns such as floral pockets, animal, space, and food pockets, and southwestern and plaid pockets. If you are simplicity lover, go for a solid pocket design or just create stripes of your choice. Choose any artwork that you love and you will have your pocket ready with the same design on it.

Apliiq lets you

  • Blend the fabric with stupendous prints
  • Put beautiful embroidery on your pockets
  • Customize your tee with an idea of yours

Appliq Pocket Tess

appliq tees2


Though the pricing does not include the shipping costs, it is still totally reasonable and depends on the design you choose for your tee. You can easily pick among pocket, print and embroidery artworks. Pocket artwork is the most reasonable one of all,for it is only applied on to the pocket of your t-shirt. Embroidery artwork costs slightly higher since it needs focus on intricate details. Also, print artwork costs the highest of all, but it is applied on to your whole tee and makes it 100% elegant and eye-grabbing.

Final Words

Though, with Apliiq software, you don’t get any minimums on any single design and you need to make sure in advance that you are very much in love with pocket tees. It is undeniably a great choice in the unconventional digital world of design, with which you can even get notable discounts on bulk purchase. Time to choose the supreme quality woven labels and let your brand touch newer heights!

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