15 Best Brand Strategy Agencies That Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd [2018]

Posted by David Watson . on March 13, 2018

Branding Strategy

Your brand needs to position itself differently and should make people feel positive about it. This is why an expert in branding can help you stand out in the crowd and position your brand and even strategize your branding exercise such that it will be meaningful to your business. Whether you’re trying to attract talents or clients, an efficient branding exercise can make a world of difference to your endeavor.

We have done all the hard work for you and have lined up the top 10 branding agencies that are active today.



Theory SF is a multi-disciplinary marketing & brand development agency located in the heart of San Francisco. We are a collective of experienced thinkers and creative mad scientists specializing in producing work that garners brand love and results. Beyond ads. More than token Facebook posts. We create meaningful connections that can be measured in real ROI.

Theory SF plays in all spaces including: Traditional Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Creative, Strategic Messaging, Market Research, Full Service, Branding Solutions, Interactive, Consumer Insights, Package Design, Promotions, Social Monitoring, Social Listening.



BrandingBusiness, a leading B2B brand strategy and branding services agency works closely with several leading B2B companies in improving their strategic clarity, insights that are technology-driven, and creative ideas. Having more than 20 years of experience in the branding industry, BrandingBusiness is your go-to company for creating powerful brands.

HypeLife Brands

HyperLife Brands

HypeLife Brands is a progressive brand development and Millennial marketing agency helping disruptive B2C startups and lifestyle brands engage the Millennial generation. Established in 2001, HypeLife Brands is headquartered on the edge of Orange County and North San Diego, in coastal downtown Oceanside, California.

HypeLife serves a select roster of clients throughout the United States that are dedicated to growth, and who value the idea that Millennials are quite literally, the Future of Everything.

The Sponge

The Sponge

With The Sponge, you’ll get clear on who you are as a brand by articulating your purpose and values. Then gain real understanding of your best buyers by developing detailed buyer personas. Followed by connecting the dots with a compelling brand story that resonates with your best buyers.

They will work with you to develop an effective strategy to roll out your new brand story across all your customer touch points, and help you implement it flawlessly. Even refresh your brand or rebrand if needed.

They offer a free consultation. Book yours now and become the brand everybody loves.



TRIXMEDIA is a full-service digital agency in Beverly Hills (Los Agency) with a motto of creating possibilities. When it comes to branding they help clients in reaching out customers with proper analysis and make your business unique in the market. They provide a proper foundation for your business with a unique brand image. They are aware of the change in trends and tactics. They know the taste of the customer and brand them according to that, which helps the client to rule over the market.

Buzzbomb Creative

Buzzbomb Creative

Buzzbomb Creative is a true client partner that helps them achieve their dreams by giving them confidence and pride in their company or products’ brand through clear strategy and impeccable design.

The company makes out of box marketing strategies to get you much steer in branding.


Elephant Mark

ElephantMark is a purposeful branding agency that works with good businesses around the world to become better brands. They will help your brand realize its true potential using creativity, intuition, and facts. They have a team of enthusiastic and energetic professionals that help grow better brands through a distinct brand story crafting process. This allows them to provide their customers with unique insights that help them increase the return on their marketing investment.



We are a branding agency based in Sydney, Australia. We have taken corporate branding to a new level, where we use brand strategy, brand identity, and branding to transform people and businesses, and propel them into a new future.

Richard Sauerman is The Brand Guy, and has been ranked in the world’s top 30 branding professionals for the last 5 years. Nick Beckhurst is the Design and Creative Director, and directs a tight knit team of top designers and creatives.

Current rebranding assignments include Data61, Lifestyle Solutions, Breast Cancer Trials, and GFG/Liberty.

Brand Llama

Brand LLama

Brand Llama is a modern boutique agency located in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. We help healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and small and midsize businesses grow by defining their brand and generating qualified leads through a seamless integration of design, content, technology and marketing strategy. With a focus on finding customers, building trust, and increasing sales, creating an impact on your business is our passion. What makes Brand Llama unique is our team. We have no junior staff learning on the job. Every person that works at Brand Llama has years of expertise in his or her field and in the verticals they serve.

Evviva Brands

Evviva Brands

Evviva is a brand agency that combines the power of insight with the art of identity to make people act. Established in 2009 by two PhDs, Evviva specializes in technology, energy and financial services and supports many of the world’s best known and most admired brands.

Evviva has dual headquarters in San Francisco and Edinburgh and works around the clock as a single office. So they deliver better work faster. And because they combine the best of Silicon Valley thinking with Scottish wit, humor and fierce UK design chops, their work is always refreshingly unique.

TAG Creative

TAG Creative is a New York-based agency with the drive for smart, strategic brand activation, and a passion for expressive and evocative content. Its goal is to uniquely connect with clients, to understand and elevate their brands, and to engage meaningfully with consumers at all touch points.

Founded in 2001, TAG Creative is powered by women and was born from an innate desire to fuse strategic and creative thinking, and nurtured by the dynamic and enterprising spirit of its founders–Terry Rieser (COO) and Gina Delio (CCO). The collective is dedicated to building trust and to staying the course with clients throughout their brand journeys.

One of TAG’s specialties is design and image-making. TAG ‘s deep experience in beauty and luxury and working across many brands in these sectors gives it a unique POV: They are always looking for and defining the unique proposition for a brand to stand apart its competitors and connect to today’s target audiences and/or consumers. TAG’s team of women creatives brings a fresh modern perspective to beauty, as they are at once the consumer and the marketers.



Having a deep knowledge how branding works, this agency can be trusted to deliver you the tools using which you can make your brand stand out in the competitive world and help position it to the pole position.



Having offices in 24 locations spread across 17 countries, Interbrand is an experienced branding agency that offers solutions across brand strategy, design, and brand insight. The company is different in that it uses a combination of technology, creativity, and strategy to ensure growth in businesses.

Clever Creative

Clever Creative

This branding agency is based in Los Angeles and is independently-owned. Some of their clients include Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, DC Entertainment, and Starbucks. In choosing this agency’s services, you can be sure of getting solutions that will help connect your clients with your brand.

Good Stuff Partners

Good Stuff Partners

Based in Sausalito, Good Stuff Partners is the design and branding agency you need to work with if you want to make the world a livable place. The agency likes to work with brands that have a passion towards plants, animals, and people.

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