30 Best Creative WordPress Themes 2017

Posted by Eyden Haze . on May 12, 2017

Are you about to create an exceptional webpage to present your company’s interests? Do you wish to design a striking personal blog to share your stories with the world? Here are 30 Best Creative WordPress Themes to fulfill all your needs and showcase your work.

If you are engaged in creative projects, you definitely know that demonstrating your work to the public is no less important than creating the work itself. Thus, an efficient webpage will help you exhibit your pieces of art and promote your company. A convincing efficient website can popularize a personal blog, encourage visitors’ interest in an art gallery of photography studio, or attract people to a dance or music school. A careful design of your site will reflect your creative talents and thoughts, giving your clients the first impression of your company or works.

In order to create a webpage, you have to decide what are your main aims and requirements. There are a lot of various WordPress ready-made templates thoroughly crafted by TemplateMonster specialists to meet any needs. Ready-made templates are editable and customizable, so you may easily adjust them to your needs. If you wish to order a custom template of your site, you will have to wait for some time while specialists design the model that meets all your requirements. Needless to say, such work should be paid for, so custom templates will cost you more than ready-made templates. If you opt for a ready-made template, you can clearly imagine what your site will look like. You can pick up the color scheme that you like, and later edit the style of headers, buttons, sliders, etc. to create the look that you prefer.

In addition, ready-made templates are mobile-friendly, so you do not have to worry if your site looks good on different devices. Ready-made templates easily adjust to the type of screen to provide your visitors with pleasure while they are browsing your website. Also, a lot of templates are Retina-ready, that is why you can add images of high pixel density to create impressive galleries for many years to come. Special effects, including Parallax effect, are also available when you buy a ready-made template. So, impressing your customers is as easy as abc when you choose a suitable theme.

What is more, you do not have to be a professional to install a ready-made template. All themes are well-documented and they contain detailed instructions on how to launch your webpage. If there are any questions or problems, you can always address a 24/7 support team and Service Center at TemplateMonster who will handle your problem in a couple of minutes.

Now, have a look at 30 best artist portfolio WordPress Themes 2017 designed by TemplateMonster.

Magic – Multifunctional Creative WordPress Template

This template will definitely impress you not only with stunning appearance, but also with its powerful functionality. You can choose from different pre-built websites and make use of numerous plugins, including WooCommerce, TM Gallery, Cherry Timeline and others that will let you create a webpage you need.

Details | Demo

Prestige – Digital Printing Responsive WordPress Template

The template, equipped with a powerful Drag-and-Drop Builder, features various content modules that will allow you to add multiple content types to your page, e.g. pieces of art or music. Moreover, it includes an effective Appointment Manager that helps your customers book a meeting with you directly on your site.

Details | Demo

ExhibitA Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Template

Multiple layout options and various content modules of this template will allow you to create an impressive art gallery. Your visitors will also enjoy Simple Slider and post carousel while looking through images, and social media widgets will help them share your content more easily.

Details | Demo

Remi Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template

Built with Cherry Framework, this template allows you to create astonishing galleries to present your art or photography projects with ease. Various Cherry Sidebars and custom widgets advance your site’s functionality and offer you additional ways to present your content.

Remi – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

PictAlter – Photo Editing App WordPress Template

Choosing from a number of layout options and taking advantage of various content modules, you will easily build your webpage with Live Customizer and adjust it to your needs with numerous widgets. Thus, you can easily create an effective website for mobile applications aimed at editing photos.

Details | Demo

PhotoPrint – Print Store Responsive WordPress Template

An amazing colorful theme that includes various content modules allows you to add different types of media to your page and present them to the best advantage with the help of multiple layout options and numerous custom widgets. Adjusting your webpage to your needs will be even more exciting when you take advantage of more than 500 integrated Google fonts.

Details | Demo

Steven Mosk – Artist Portfolio WordPress Template

With this theme, you can easily experiment with the look of your webpage picking out the most suitable layout and content modules to display your works. Various plugins, including Contact Form, Countdown Timer, Pricing Tables, Number Counter and many others create unlimited possibilities for customizing your website to fulfill your desires.

Details | Demo

Artwork – Art Gallery WordPress Template

If you wish to emphasize a certain piece of art on your website, you can do this easily with the Fullscreen Front Page, available in this template. Different post types will let you create a memorable online tour of your gallery, and the built-in MotoPress drag-and-drop Visual Builder will increase your site’s functionality.

Details | Demo

Painting School Responsive WordPress Template

Build a webpage of an art school, customize its design without difficulty, and add various content with the help of this template’s Drag-and-Drop Builder, Live Customizer and Content Modules. Custom widgets will enhance your site’s functionality and productivity, presenting you with additional ways to display your content.

Details | Demo

Malcolmy – Web Designers Portfolio WordPress Template

This theme will be suitable for a group of designers, as with this theme, you will be able to create astonishing galleries of your projects, choosing from various layout and animation options, adding required data, and filtering the output by tags and categories. In addition, Cherry Team Member plugin will allow you to present details about each member of your team.

Details | Demo

Preservarium – Museum Responsive WordPress Template

If you want to create a website of a museum, you will enjoy working with this template that includes multiple layout options and different content modules. Appointment Manager and Timetable plugin that let your clients book their visits directly on your website will be particularly useful.

Details | Demo

TriPri – 3D Printing Services WordPress Template

Presenting your services in a professional way is an easy experience with this theme, as you can take advantage of Cherry Services in order to add various widgets and customize them the way you like. Your customers will not only see an impressive, carefully organized webpage, but also benefit from Cherry Search plugin that allows them to browse the quick search results without leaving the page.

Details | Demo

StereoForce – Music Group Responsive WordPress Template

Designing a website of a music band requires you to be able to add different types of data in order to present the group’s projects, and to promote the band. Both requirements are matched by this template, as it contains Cherry Projects, Cherry Services plugin and Custom widgets, including social media widgets, to build a stronger online presence.

Details | Demo

Dellos – Handmade Furntiture Store Responsive WordPress Template

Various Content modules and TM Gallery contained in this theme allow you to showcase your works to the best advantage. You will enjoy working with Contact Form, various Sliders, Blurbs, and Pricing Tables to craft a powerful online store and attract more clients.

Details | Demo

Yoozie Art School for Children – WordPress Template

With this theme, you can create a striking colorful webpage of an arts school, customizing various available layouts and adjusting numerous custom widgets to your needs. Custom Widgets, including Simple Slider, post carousel, and social media widgets, help you present your information in the most effective way, while Live Customizer allows you to see the changes you make without the need to reload your page.

Details | Demo

Fine Art – Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Template

This Retina-ready theme will make your art gallery will look outstanding when you use high pixel images, and the Parallax effect will definitely add to the impression, creating the feeling of full immersion. Moreover, you have a possibility to present art works in the background video to improve your visitors’ experience.

Details | Demo

Interra – Interior Designer Portfolio WordPress Template

You can effectively present both your company’s projects and services, using TM Gallery and Cherry Services widgets, and your company’s team, taking advantage of Cherry Team Members plugin. Your visitors will be satisfied to use Cherry Search plugin and browse quick search results without leaving your page.

Details | Demo

Sketchfield WordPress Template

Equipped with 10 ultimate E-commerce design patterns, this theme gives you numerous possibilities for designing an effective webpage in multiple layouts. Powered with Bootstrap, this template ensures better responsiveness and compatibility with all modern devices.

Details | Demo

Addison – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template

This template will be suitable for those who want to present numerous projects or galleries on a site, as it gives a chance to organize your images into effective categories and add tags for better navigation. You can also create custom sidebars and add them to your page layout, improving your site’s functionality.

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – Multifunctional WordPress Template

With this theme of a new WordPress theme generation, you can choose from 9 pre-built websites, 7 customizable Header styles, 4 customizable Blog styles, and combine incredible functionality with a modern design. Seize the opportunity to use various plugins, such as Cherry MegaMenu, Cherry Timeline, Events Calendar, MotoPress Schedule, and many others.

Details | Demo

Simona S – Personal Page WordPress Template

Create a gripping portfolio with the theme’s MegaMenu, display your content with pictures of high density, and edit your website easily with MotoPress Editor. As the theme is WPML ready, you can display your webpage in a number of languages, thus reaching audience throughout the world.

Details | Demo

Creative – Personal Photography WordPress Template

This responsive Retina-ready template will let you display your gallery in high resolution images that will look awesome on any device. With Cherry Framework 4 possibilities and Bootstrap options, you can choose from numerous shortcodes and widgets, and also update the current design with Parent/Child possibilities.

Details | Demo

Room4Pics – Photo Studio Rental WordPress Template

Being an amazing theme with more than 25 layout options, a library of presets, and drag-and-drop functionality, this template creates unlimited possibilities to present galleries in the most effective way, combining your images with various animation options. Your visitors will value Cherry Search plugin that lets them find appropriate elements by browsing quick search results without leaving the page.

Details | Demo

Houston WordPress Template

Design a professionally looking site with powerful navigation in a MegaMenu and add high resolution images to present your content to the best advantage. Make use of the MotoPress Editor to manage your page elements easily, and create your website in various languages with WPML.

Details | Demo

DuronFlooring – Interior and Furniture WordPress Template

With an advanced set of configuration options, you can choose from more than 25 modules and customize your theme easily taking advantage of its drag-and-drop functionality. Content modules allow you to add multiple content types, including buttons, pricing tables, contact forms and many others.

Details | Demo

Augusto – Designer WordPress Template

You can successfully showcase your projects by choosing from numerous layout options and enriching your page’s functionality with various widgets, including Simple Slider, post carousel, and social media widgets. Adjusting the design of your page is really simple due to the Live Customizer that enables you to see all the changes without the need to reload your page.

Details | Demo

Zetta – Exterior and Home Renovations and Design WordPress Template

Experiment with the structure of your webpage choosing from various layout options and adding content of different types. Custom widgets will improve your site’s functionality and give you additional ways for displaying your content.

Details | Demo

Design Studio Innovative WordPress Template

Built on Cherry Framework 4, this easy-to-install theme offers various shortcodes and widgets to update the design and customize your webpage. MotorPress Sliders allow you to create professional-looking slides of texts, images and videos with amazing transition effects.

Details | Demo

Director of Photography WordPress Template

This responsive theme of Monstroid family is equipped with everything you need to design a powerful website in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of various Bootstrap options, MotoPress Sliders and MotoPress Editor to create a multilingual site with outstanding Parallax effects.

Details | Demo

Selecting a theme for your site is an important task, so if you wish to choose from more variants, you can visit TemplateMonster’s website and look at other art and photography , music, or fashion and other WordPress themes. You can also find useful tips and information on the company’s website, e.g. information about a photo school. If you wish to find out more about the company itself, watch a video below.

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