10+ Best Custom Mobile App Development Companies 2018

Posted by David Watson . on January 1, 2018

Cut-through mobile apps are on high demand nowadays, which are both fresh and original, with of course a modern UI and UX. Feature-rich apps are now on the trend-list, with futuristic technologies like geo-location recognition, mapping, data capture, video, real-time notifications and data synchronization over various platforms and many more.

With an ocean full of mobile and web app developers, it could be a little difficult to pick out the right company willing to work on your terms, and designing and developing a custom mobile app with the right app policies for your company.

To guide you through this, we have listed below some of the leading custom mobile app companies, which deliver mobile solutions and services using state-of-art tool and technologies to bring in elements of innovation in your app. Outstanding solutions are granted by these pioneering firms in the form of custom mobile app development.



Nodes, one of the finest app development companies in Europe  takes pride in calling themselves a customer-centric company as they design and develop robust and reliable apps for iPhone and Android. Cost-efficiency is an aspect of Nodes ought not to be missed. Over 1000 mobile apps have been developed and delivered at the clients’ disposal by this company.

Dot Com Infoway


Dot Com Infoway is a name very prevalent when one talks about custom mobile app development. They deliver solutions to firms by designing and developing innovative ideas that promise best-in-class product environments for the associated partners and customers they are in bed with. Its powerful team includes experts fully dedicated towards the product development lifecycles using a multi-disciplinary approach to finally meet the requirements of their clients and end-users by creating amazing, usable, and well-structured mobile apps.

eGrove Systems

Almost 50% of eGrove systems business is witnessed from enterprise-level projects. Offering numerous services like E-commerce Web Development, Enterprise Application Development, Digital Marketing and many others, the firm has developed some amazing mobile apps for iOS & Android till date and created success stories for Fortune 1000 companies and startups as well. Saving cost and time through their smooth Mobile App Development process comes as an added benefit!


JCommerce is an IT consulting and software development company with the experience in the mobile applications development, Java, .NET, PHP and Front-End software programming, Apple Mobile Device Management, PLC engineering, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, and ERP systems implementation.

Therefore, JCommerce supports companies since 2005 in the digital transformation processes and in the provision of custom software development services. Visit Nearshore-IT for more information about our nearshoring services.



Mobulous is one of the top mobile app development companies based in India and USA. Supported by a solid team of over 200 experts trained in the field, their services guarantee innovative mobile apps which are smartly protected and accessible by the clients.

If  you haven’t developed an app before, their highly experienced team can gently guide you through the process.

YellowFin Digital

YellowFin Digital

YellowFin Digital designs and develops high quality, user-friendly and user-centric apps and is one of the most sought-after custom app development companies in USA. They not only develop responsive apps but also ensure they are search engine friendly for marketing. Their apps offer a great user experience due to clean and neat UI interfaces. The workforce at YellowFin Digital strongly believes in constantly learning, evolving and refining their skills; creating and exploring endless app possibilities.



PixelRocket is a mobile apps solutions provider based in Atlanta, which is renowned for both innovative and beautiful mobility solutions to sort out complex business problems of startups, Large Enterprises and SME’s. The company has an in-depth experience in iPhone and Android Application Development along with creative and market specific product development.



Apro-Software is a trusted brand by Fortune 500 companies. Their team is involved in developing apps which can rule the Apple App Store and Google Play. Tech-obsessed designers and developers at Apro-Software create Custom mobile apps, which are flawless, reliable and fully-functional.



Codevate’s mission is to make bespoke software development work for small-medium businesses, closing the tech gap using their extensive experience and creative mindset. Specialist services include; enhancing operations or processes with digital transformation solutions, develop mission-critical bespoke software products that reflect a brand’s unique personality, create custom web and mobile apps that engage users and grow with your business – opening up future revenue opportunities and reimagining legacy software to future-proof your business and maintain your competitive edge. Visit Codevate to find out more about how we can transform your business.



B-Mind designs and develops high quality, user-centric digital products and is one of the most sought-after mobile app development companies in Poland. With more than 10 years of industry experience, B-Mind has wide-ranging experience in developing engaging iOS, Android and web products. In addition to this, they also offer web development to support the products they create.



ArcTouch is an award-winning San Francisco mobile app development and design company focused on custom iOS, Android, and Xamarin apps, as well as AI bots for conversational platforms like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. Its clients range from the Fortune 500 to innovative startups, including 3M, Audi, CBS, Guess, NBC, and Tile. Often quoted in the press, ArcTouch recently published the 2nd edition of its popular ebook about the app development process, “From Great Idea to Successful App.”


Apptology is a Northern California based mobile app development shop with over 7 years of experience in mobile app development.  Their tagline is “Ideas to Apps” where they can literally take their clients from the napkin stage all the way to distribution.  They provide a turn key solution that includes developing a mobile strategy, design, and development.  With over 400 apps in their portfolio, their diverse clientele include the enterprise (HP, Siemens), government (State of California, State of  Alaska) and startups (Be a Boss, iOrderFresh).



Located in Poland and UK, itCraft is a pioneering company that offers exceptional mobile app development services. Fulfilling their clients’ needs, they have both the expertise and specialization in the field of app development for all types of organizations. Remarkably, over 80% of their clients have been consistent customers and this only highlights how competent they are in retaining their quality of work and keeping up client satisfaction.



Alty does full-cycle software production service. Since 2009 they help IT entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the world to create custom business management systems and applications.

Their portfolio is 80+ products for consumer and corporate markets, that includes both standalone platform solutions and complex solutions that are assembled from mobile, desktop and web applications. In their work, Alty always think about how to create more value for the users, taking into account the objectives of the business.

Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is a 40-person mobile, tablet, watch, TV, IoT and AR/VR app design, development and marketing agency based in New York City and Seattle. Over the last 6 years, we have partnered with enterprises, entrepreneurs and digital/full-service agencies to build over 150 iOS and Android-based apps.

We can help with everything from initial app design and development through app marketing/PR and post-launch maintenance. Check-out our www.bluelabellabs.com to learn more about our team and past work.

Feel free to contact us at contact@bluelabellabs.com to discuss how we can help!

180 Creative

180 Creative is known for proposing its innovative business strategy and agile app development. Founded in 2012, developers here create a beautiful user-experience, and thus their success in the field of custom mobile app development is lively since then. Their innovative experts have been delivering stunning apps to major firms, through their experience and skill in the field of app development.


BASquare based in Ukraine, aims at brands to be precise. They work for clients from all over the world and are fast and creative in what they do, think big, design and develop smart products. They also focus on providing the best user-experience in all fields, including engineering, health, commerce, finance, and many more.



Appchance is a software house which specializes in building mobile and web apps, IoT solutions, API and CMS systems. Our company designs high-quality digital products for businesses all over the world, like e.g. startups, corporations, big brands and advertising agencies. Our talented team has been transferring ideas into business reality and helping their clients to achieve business goals since 2010. With over 140 closed projects for industries like enterprise, banking, healthcare, e-commerce, housing, education, HR, energetics, events, healthcare, transportation and much more, Appchance gain acknowledgment for its quality.


Snappii is 200+ powerful mobile business apps for every business need. Snappii already helped hundreds of companies in more than 30 industries such as construction, warehouse management, transportation and logistics, delivery and fire safety, and continues to create custom apps meeting all requirements of modern businesses. Snappii successfully combines high quality and availability of its products. Customer is a constant participant of the app development process and the end result is a 100% compliance with the needs.


Artjoker is a broad web development company with its headquarters and core resources located in the USA, New York. Large experienced stuff has already spent eight years building web resources, blogs apps for the clients not only in America but also overseas. Thanks to multilaterally developed opportunities the company got an opportunity to open more markets and because of it gain not only a tremendous experience but also a wide popularity among businessmen, startuppers, and developers.

Eight Bit Studios

Eight Bit Studios is a Chicago-based custom mobile app development company having ties with brands like Groupon and Hasbro. They are an award-winning company with a superb combination of great UX, tech and design. They are, however, not a design firm, development shop or any UX agency. They comprise of a studio with developers equipped with each of these skills with a commendable project management.


One could guess Mindgrub’s brand name by having a look at its impressive portfolio:  Dell, Yamaha, AOL, Phillips, and Discovery Kids are some of the top clients they serve. Mindgrub delivers mobile solutions to major firms, which are in need of apps for iOS, Android or even hybrid apps. You will absolutely love the end-product developed by them, be it an e-commerce platform or self-service platforms, Mindgrub will help you achieve with full-satisfaction.


With over 93 highly educated experts and a total of 264 successful solutions developed for clients from Germany, Russia, Australia, Denmark, USA, and other countries, Inostudio are the pioneers to use BNSF framework on the online vacation planning in addition to the API-service open to projects in the year 2013. Profitable apps are built by this firm so that your business can prosper in every field.

Red C

Red C is an agency that works towards equipping companies with robust apps, perfecting both web and mobile projects for almost all types of sectors, from charity to finance and engineering. This London-based Custom mobile app development company provides enterprise solutions and their apps, perfect as they are, hit the App Stores and were among the first to do so.


Mentormate aims at brands, to be precise. They, being a full-cycle custom mobile app development company also provide handy information in the form of articles posted on their website. Some of their key clients are Thomson Reuters and Braun. They are fast and creative in what they do, thinking big and designing and developing smart products, they also focus on providing the best user-experience in all fields, including engineering, health, commerce, finance, and many more.


Mubaloo is very famous for developing Custom mobile apps and it has its offices in Germany, the US and the UK. In addition to a wide reach in countries like these, they also provide support after the delivery of the application, in terms of maintenance, consultation and development. Enterprise-grade mobile applications are deployed by this Custom mobile app development company transforming their business processes through their quality services.


Fuzz is a trusted brand by Fortune 1000 companies. This app development company carries out brand marketing on multiple platforms. Their team is involved in developing apps which can rule the App Store and Google Play. Tech-obsessed designers and developers at Fuzz create Custom mobile apps, which are flawless, reliable and fully-functional.


Over 1400 apps have been developed and delivered to clients worldwide by AppStudioz. With headquarters in Singapore, it has a massive team with over 200 skilled developers and also has its branches at India, the UK and the US. They have created many custom mobile apps under an array of app categories. Launching apps in both App Store and Google Play, they develop apps in popular OS platforms.

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