10 Best DIY Mobile App Builders for Quick App Development

Posted by David Watson . on June 20, 2017

The apparent use of mobile apps has significantly swapped the usage of desktops over the past few years, when the app-surge marked its standing. This is highly due to the fact that the accessibility and portability of a mobile app far exceeds that of a website on desktop, which may take a lot of time to load. According to sources and statistics, Android tops the count of uploaded apps (1.6 million) followed by iOS (1.5 million). These figures illustrate the progression of the app-era and its contribution to the tech-world.

There stands no concern to invest thousands of dollars in case of a well-heeled business owner but SME owners might find it difficult to make room for creating mobile apps requiring expert app developers.

The solution to this problem lies in the hands of DIY mobile app development software which promise the nullification of the requirement of technical skills to construct a mobile app yourself, avoiding unnecessary investments in recruiting expensive mobile app developers.

However, Mobile app builders frequently win when it comes to choosing between app builders and app developers. The reason behind this is that at the start-up level, managing thousands of dollars for the purpose of app development could be a foolish decision to make. Contradicting this fact by not counting apps at all could pose an issue, since the app-only approach stresses the need of apps and its significance in blooming businesses. Thus you’d end up limiting your own business in the absence of a great mobile app. Hence entrepreneurs with a low budget tend to pick mobile app builders to be well-guarded.

A customized app is now within your reach, with a little help from mobile app builders. Just to be sure, given below is a list of leading mobile app building platforms aiding as a menu for electing the most suitable one for building your app.



Looking for a DIY mobile app builder that assists you on the go? Here’s a software promising you that and functioning as a platform to build your apps easily and sell them immediately in any chosen vertical. Besides, monthly addition of POS integrations further helps your customers to get quoted as soon as possible in case they require automated processes.

This mobile app building platform comes with many useful features such as Integrated Employee Scheduler, Email Program, and  SMS Program, Branded Customer Portal, Loyalty Program, and many more.


This Mobile app building platform simply is the best cloud-based app builder supporting the development of Android, iOS and Windows apps and uses Apache Cordova framework. Appery.io runs on cloud and hence downloading or installing this Mobile App Development Software is not an obligation. The end-user can make use of a visual editor to drag and drop app elements and finally assembling the User Interface.


TheAppBuilder offers the end-user with training provider and an online toolkit. The user can choose either one of them and construct the app structure followed by the addition of content. Suitable for events, broachers, clients and employees, this DIY Mobile App Builder allows users to secure their app through signing-up with a new username and password and update their apps. They can publish their content on various platforms.

Bizness Apps

SMEs ordinarily use Bizness Apps for creating mobile apps since it offers incomparable features that are useful for businesses, for instance, push notifications, productive content, food ordering, shopping cart feature and many more. You can now create an app in minutes using the Easy-to-use content management system. A pre-built design system is engaged for the customization process.


Appmakr is one great Mobile App Development Software for entrepreneurs, assuming you have zero coding knowledge. The tremendous features offered by Appmakr make it unique as an app builder: live updates, push notifications, video streaming, in-app shopping, unlimited updates, shared events calendars, high-resolution photo galleries. Apps can be tracked, managed and customized on the basis appearances and tasks at the Dashboard.


If you require a platform that functions as an overall solution for all of your fundamental requirements, do give ShoutEm a shot! This DIY Mobile App Builder is robust and offers powerful in-built features like powerful user engagement tools and content management. Furthermore, it also includes the support of prominent ad networks, in-app subscriptions, deal and coupons. Integration of an app with existing content sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Soundcloud is also possible.


AppFactory gives full importance to the content as it’s believed that content is the main framework behind the success of an application. Thus content could be modified easily using this Mobile app building platform, creating the app in no time. AppFactory yields apps in platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.


AppsGeyser has by far launched over 65 thousand apps that supports Android System and has attained a reach of over 8 million end-users on Android. In about 10 minutes, you can accommodate your website content in a newly created Android app. The basics of HTML could be an advantage for creating an app through this DIY Mobile App Builder.


Another stunning Mobile App Development Software is EachScape, which allows the easy creation of mobile applications that are responsive and native source codes are also produced to further develop native applications. It aids in building the app through its efficient drag-and-drop IDE. This helps in the development of HTML5 and cross-platform, hybrid mobile applications. The platforms this app builder supports are many, including iOS and Android.


Finally, Appsbar: a DIY Mobile App Builder capable of building applications competently using a number of app building tools. If you are new to building mobile applications and coding isn’t your thing, Appsbar has got your back, with its helpful technical support and handy training videos. Android, Apple iOS, Windows and Blackberry mobile applications can be built easily with the help of this useful Mobile App Development Software.

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