10+ Best Social Media Marketing Agencies to Watch out For in 2019

Posted by Eyden Haze . on December 31, 2018

SMM Agencies

Businesses of today face a lot of challenges when they try looking for building social media presence. Amongst the challenges they face include limitations in having a formal strategy, lack of resources, inability to track results, and not being able to build a team of followers.

There is no denying the importance of a social media marketing agency, especially during times like these when it can play a vital role in helping businesses of all kinds to make great profits and take the whole endeavor in the right direction.

The good news for all such businesses is that there are several top social media marketing agencies that can do the trick for them. Here is a list of 10 such agencies:

Blind Pig Media

Blind Pig Media

When you talk about best social media marketing agencies that can help businesses achieve their full potential, a name that resounds prominently is Blind Pig Media. A wide range of social media marketing services is offered by this promising agency. What’s more, they have got experts on board that can teach you how to take advantage of burgeoning online traffic and build a presence in the world of social networks.

Headquarters: London, UK
Contact: hello@blindpigmedia.co.uk / 020-3745-65-75



If you intend to deliver your marketing message to your targeted audience using Social Media, then Achigo is your company. This Armenia-based company with representative offices in Munich,Germany and London,UK is ably driven by a group of energetic digital professionals that have the passion and burning desire to help companies communicate differently and effectively in the online space. With their 20+ marketing professionals, they have built an impressive portfolio of over 50+ projects, establishing a formidable reputation and earning the trust of their clients. Since the beginning, they are trusted by startups, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

From Social media marketing strategy to Social Media Analytics & Reporting, Achigo’s expertise can help transform your brand for the digital age. Among the many services the company provides are Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Marketing, ORM, Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimization and many more.

Headquarters: Armenia 
Contact: hello@achigo.com / +374-95-117005



If you’ve been looking for a performance marketing agency, then Brandfire will fit your bill perfectly. The agency relies on its digital channels to help deliver marketing strategies and solutions to its clients. What’s more, these solutions are designed such that businesses can look forward to high returns with reduced cost input. Ranked among the best social media marketing agencies in the world, Brandfire can help your business realize its objectives easily.

Headquarters: New York
Contact: casey@brandfire.com / 212.378.4235



The Award winning digital marketing agency, based in South Africa is renowned for creating magnetic marketing campaigns that help businesses stand-out in the digital space. Incorporating a variety of services, ranging from unique digital campaigns to Social Media Marketing to cutting-edge strategies, SEO, and top-class delivery management, Version.Eight strives to present a holistic marketing approach that implants great values to make brands hard-to-ignore.

Headquarters: South Africa 
Contact: info@v8media.co.za / +27 (10) 035 3794

A.T.G. Photography & Marketing

Looking to grow your business? A.T.G. Photography & Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in helping service-based small business owners get new clients with a data-driven approach. Get a free marketing audit for your business to see how you can get more leads and clients and a better ROI on your marketing..

Headquarters: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Contact: alliciyia@atgphotographyandmarketing.com / +1 225 283 2808

Oak Street Social

Oak Street Social

Oak Street Social is a boutique social media marketing firm dedicated to elevating unique brands into household names. From brand consulting to copywriting to social media management & campaign development – we are devoted to connecting and creating a community for both big and small brands. We’ve never met a hashtag we didn’t like. Our goal: empower consumers to start talking about you! That all starts by talking to us…let’s collaborate.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Contact: connect@oakstsocial.comm / +1 312-351-5580

Boomerang Social

Boomearang Social

This Leeds-based marketing agency has all the qualities that are synonymous with top social media marketing agencies. Looking to build a brand? Boomerang Social has the answers for you. Looking to have the services of expert designers, and marketers that can help shape the business for you in the coming years? Boomerang Social have all of them. Their methodology and integrated approaches are amongst the best in the business.

Headquarters: Leeds, UK
Contact: info@boomerangsocial.co.uk / +44 113 328 0201

Ignite Visibility

Looking out for the best social media marketing agencies that will help your business make rapid gains? Ignite Visibility with all their specialty in SMM services can provide you with serious options. When it comes to pay-per-campaigns, they’re amongst the best in the business. They’re currently based in San Diego, CA and have over 60 professionals working for them.

Headquarters: San Diego, California
Contact: john@ignitevisibility.com / +1 619-752-1955

Spin Brands

Spin Brands is a shining star in the world of startups. The UK-based social media agency has helped several startups and SMEs across different verticals to make an impact in their industry almost instantly. What has enabled them to achieve this in such a small time? They’ve got the right tools that help businesses take on the challenges and emerge stronger and competent.

Headquarters: London, UK 
Contact: hello@spinbrands.co.uk / +44(0)20-8789-2061


Courimo is the savior for medium and large businesses that are looking to scale up using the services of top social media marketing agencies. This Montreal-based company has a talented bunch of people working tirelessly to help businesses reach their goals. They’re passionate about all things they do.

Headquarters: Montreal, Canada
Contact: info@courimo.com / +1-877-5132393


LOOP- Digital Marketing Agency-Europe

LOOP is a Salzburg, Austria-based interactive agency that has won several awards for their services. They also have branch offices in Sydney (Australia), and Copenhagen (Denmark). A company comprising of 30 incredible talents, LOOP have been working tirelessly on various online campaigns and incredible websites for clients and brands that are spread across five continents.

Headquarters: Salzburg, Austria
Contact: office@agentur-loop.com / +43.662.8720310

Digital Authority Partners

Digital Authority Partners

One of Chicago’s best digital strategy agencies, Digital Authority Partners provides digital marketing solutions for startups, mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 brands. They’ll amplify your digital marketing efforts so you can stand out in a crowded online marketplace. From marketing strategy to analytics, social media, SEO, reputation management and more, DAP’s expertise can help transform your brand for the digital age.

Headquarters: Chicago
Contact: hello@digitalauthority.me / +1.312.600.5433

 Green Lotus

When it comes to implementing online marketing strategies, Green Lotus is a pioneer. The team at Green Lotus is experienced in generating and implanting strategies that are in the best interest of businesses that avail them. Also, their lead generation solutions are impeccable.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Contact: bassem@greenlotus.ca / +1 647-727-8847


Boostability is another social media marketing agency that you can consider for your social media marketing campaign. Their competent team of professional certainly understands the need to improve the visibility of businesses on social media to stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, it knows a thing or two about harnessing the power of radio, TV, and traditional print in helping businesses grow in the right direction.

Headquarters: Lehi,UT (USA)
Contact: contact@boostability.com / +18002611537

North Kingdom

North Kingdom- Digital Marketing Agency-Europe

A Swedish digital marketing agency, North Kingdom is based in Skelleftea, a small town very close to the polar circle. The services on offer through the North Kingdom are based on a solid foundation of curiosity, quality of work, and creative freedom.

Headquarters: Skellefteå, Sweden
Contact: info@northkingdom.com / +46 (0) 910.73.30.90

These are the 10 best social media marketing agencies and have proved their competency in enhancing online presence by executing innovative marketing strategies.

  1. Jimmie B. Thompson
  2. Bailey Snow
  3. Stella Prout
  5. Harvey Clark
  6. Ralph Beckenbauer
  7. Joseph Alexandrov
  8. Ella M. Trumbo
  9. James K.Clarkson

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