Best Time Management Software for Your Business

Posted by Eyden Haze . on November 16, 2018

Time management tools help you keep track of tasks you cannot consider ignoring as they come with deadlines intact. From students who are busy scouting for online assignment help and essay help online to businesspersons, proper time tracking is necessary for everyone to determine how successful and productive a particular project was post completion.

For the same purpose, organizations these days consider investing in business management software to get things done, predict risks, and improve overall efficiency. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that with more and more business management tools coming into the role, the jobs of personal assistants might be at risk. Ehhh!! Just kidding.

Getting yourself the best possible management tool is a grueling process at times. So numerous factors play a role when it comes to choosing the right management software. It depends on the size of the task you need to accomplish, also the process that needs to be automated in a business. Thus, making sure that your business software has features like time tracking capabilities, file storage, document sharing, invoice and budget management, resource management, etc. can prove to be beneficial.

Not every management tool ticks all the right boxes. However, after considering a wide variety of different solutions we have churned out a list comprising of nine best business management software that you should start using:


Trello is not only one the most popular project management tools among business but also among students. It gained spiraling popularity in no time amid its organized interface that allows you to create projects, arrange tasks, have discussions with your team and schedule deadlines.

The tool bure better result if you follow the Kanban Method; which is simply a project management process invented by Toyota.


If you want to go for a more personalized look and additional features, then this tool called Timely is what you have been scouting for. Timely combine features like calendar, billing, budgets, time tracking, scheduling and even after so much intact, it is extremely simple to use.

The tool is available only for iOS and Mac users currently, but the company plans to have an Android version later in the future.


GSuite, the collection of Google apps specifically designed for businesses of all sizes for very reasonable pricing. From Google Calendar and Gmail for Business to apps like Google Keep, Drive or Google sheets GSuite helps you integrate them all together for better productivity.


If managing emails is becoming difficult for you then Boomerang is the tool to the rescue. Boomerang works with Gmail and lets you create simple follow-up reminders. With Boomerang, you can respond to all of your emails at once. This way you can process all of your emails while making sure that you are not maintaining the loop of unfruitful conversations that do not require immediate attention.


Proofhub is a powerful business management software that has all you need to take care of your business. With ProofHub you get access to Gantt charts to keep your projects on track, virtual meetings, time tracking, discussions, reports, file sharing, integration, notes, chat, and white labeling.

You can try it for free for 30 days without providing your credit card details, and if you make your mind to purchase a plan; they are available as Individual, Startup, Business, and Enterprise at $18, $45, $63, and $135 per month respectively.


Harvest has been on the role for more than a decade now and is evolving into one of the best time tracking apps in the market for both teams and individuals. All the features you find in any premium app are attached to the app and all you need to do is explore.

The UI has been simplified to bring everyone together through mobile, web and the desktop. It also includes fast invoicing and payments, expense tracking, integration with more than 100 apps, and support with real people.

Rescue Time

Student help websites Paperdoers and EssayWriter4U recommends Rescue Time to students as it is specially designed for individuals who want to improve their productivity. It is quite “judgey” and provides you a personalized productivity score each day that helps you identify inefficiencies in your workflow.

It features involve setting up a task and tracking the progress of the same, block access to websites that could be distracting, customized alerts, reports on goal completion and many more features to lure you enough.


Tick simplifies the way you and your employees keep track of the hours you work. With a distinct ability to track time over different platforms, this time management software is a good gig for both individual freelancers and large teams.

Using Tick you create recurring projects, assign team members to specific projects, exports reports to Excel, Freshbooks and Quickbooks and also get high-level reports that can be expanded for more in-depth details.


Toggl is a free-tier product especially used by small business and freelancers. Toggl is natural and easy to use, making the interaction process easier for everyone in the team. It features include multiple device support, team management functionalities, browser integration and tracking time with a single click of your mouse.

There are many more software in the market designed to conquer the same purpose. However, these are the best options one can rely on to get the job done. Which time management software do you use for different purposes? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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