10 Best Time Tracking Software To Increase Workplace Productivity [2019]

Posted by David Watson . on September 7, 2018

Whether you are a freelancer, small business, or large organization, tracking the time spendĀ on projects and by employees is an important part of checking efficiency, as well as keeping an eye on expenses and stabbing to deadlines. Keeping a record of how long definite jobs can take also helpsĀ in building estimates, and costing projects swiftly and precisely.

If you are searching for the best time tracking software, you have landed at the right place. Opting for a suitable time tracker is quite grinding as there are numerous apps available in the market.

Here, we have performed a thorough market research and tested the leading apps to present you the top 10 online time tracking software and save you from all the hassles.



It is a cloud-based application. It allows the employees to track out their job timings with the help of the devices placed in their pockets. This app is highly beneficial for the organizations as because of this, paper timesheets of the firms can be replaced with the computerized data. Through this productive scheduling and time-tracking app, invoicing and payroll has also become more cost-effective and swift.



The popularity of the app can be determined from its growing number of users i.e. over 100,000 professionals are using this online time tracking app in 120+ nations. FunctionFox is an industry leader in online time tracking and project management applications, offering user-friendly timesheets and estimates, as well as robust scheduling, task assignment and reporting. The capabilities are uniquely suited for the specific billing and timesheet requirements of creative teams. Try a free demo at http://www.functionfox.com/demo or check out the short video overview at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnSpMQjClis

Time Doctor

Time Doctor

This productivity and time tracking app runs on the core of bestowing more and more to the users. By eliminating all the distractions, it assists its users to determine the activities where they are spending their time. The used applications as well as the sites visited by the user are also analyzed by the Time Doctor.



If you are looking for an advanced project management tool that handles your project from scratch until its completion, this app is the best for you. It is suitable for individuals as well as for small businesses. Everything from beginning to the end is covered in this software whether you want to get payment from your clients, assign tasks to your workers and so on.



If you want your software to track time for you and also perform the function of a to-do list and a calendar, then Timely is the one to go for. With every task tagged with its project, this comprehensive app is a one stop for all your needs. Moving projects has also been made easy with its drag and drop feature.



This renowned app assists individual teams within the bounds of a company. With the help of this, companies can distinct hourly rates to its employees. It is also purposeful for the firms who are working with the freelance workers as individual work spaces can be created for the security of the private documents.


Harvest Time Tracking

Harvest is one of the best expense management and time tracking tool that also supports accounting solutions (Xero, Quickbooks as an add-on) as well. It can even work in a standalone way for businesses that have simple expense tracking and billing related needs.


Mindsalt Time Tracking Software

MindSalt Time and Expense is a web-based application that allows you and your employees to access your timesheets and expenses from anywhere in the world. Track time and expenses, generate reports in a variety of formats, monitor projects in real-time, export data to Excel, and manage and approve timesheets and expense reports. Monitor your costs, budgets, and bill your customers with ease. Free trial with no credit card required.

Project Hours

Project Hours is a basic, easy-to-use and very affordable time tracking system. The system has a timer function but users can also enter hours manually on projects and activities. Project Hours is geared towards organisations: it has user management including user groups and Excel reports per department. The Project Hours mobile applications allow for easy time entry.



This application tracks the work hours for an easier apprehension of the casual time taken for a task completion, an account’s profitability, employee utilization for proposals and estimates in the future.

Pro Tip

While choosing a tool for you, go with the one that can be easily used by your team, delivers results and is in line with your business needs. Do let us know about your favorite time tracking software and why you like it in the comments section below.

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