Certain Instagram Myths Debunked

Posted by Eyden Haze . on September 18, 2018

Your stay on Instagram will help improve your business only when you know what it takes to improve your following. The more people view your Instagram page, the higher the chances of you turning them into followers and eventually directing them to your money site. It all works seamlessly, but you need to keep track of things to know what will or will not work for your business. Here are some popular Instagram myths debunked, so you know how to proceed properly.

What You Sell Is Boring For Instagram?

Visual content matters a lot as Instagram is all about sharing photos and images. But this doesn’t mean only luxurious goods and fashion related elements are praised on Instagram. Your less attractive brand can also grab the attention of the viewers with your smart marketing strategies and engaging content. You can make the photos of a boring product interesting by adding a story to it. If your service is not easier to be captured, you can share photos of your workplace, your team, and even yourself to make your posts visually stimulating.

FACT: There are no Instagram worthy products. You can promote any business effectively on Instagram with your smart tactics.

You cannot monitor Instagram Analytics without Skills

Analyzing and keeping track of your Instagram activity was a difficult task, but it’s no more a hassle with the introduction of Instagram Analytics. Instagram analytics is a prominent feature of Instagram business profile and helps you in keeping track of the activities of your followers and targeted audience. You can easily know the most engaged time and days of your audience through Instagram analytics. It updates you about the age, gender, and demographic status of your followers. It is a very handy feature which enables you to upload more specific content and at the most appropriate time.

FACT: Monitoring Instagram analytics has become easier and convenient for Instagram Analytics.

Follow more accounts and hope that they will follow you back to win followers

Follow for following is a popular Instagram strategy to gain organic followers but this is not the only way of getting followers. Only follow the accounts that are relevant to your industry, and you are intended to keep following them even if they don’t follow you back. Some Instagram users follow lots of accounts and unfollow them when they don’t get any follow back. This is a very absurd strategy and can get your account suspended or even deleted as Instagram takes strict notice of mass following and unfollowing and also for too many liking and commenting.

FACT: Focus on the content and schedule of your posts to gain followers that are more likely to be interested in viewing your posts.

Sites That Automatically Likes Other Posts Are Bad To Use

Some Instagram users opt for robotic apps and websites to comment on relevant profiles and attract followers. You can certainly opt for free Instagram views, but you have to understand that not every site selling these services deserves your trust. Comments by robots are not much praised as they lack an element of human emotions. They only attract followers who later end up as inactive followers, or they unfollow your account. Therefore, it is of immense importance to avoid such practice, and if you want to use it to get you started, you should do your research and only opt for the most reputable company in the industry.

It’s impossible to get referral traffic from Instagram back to my website

There is some reality in this statement as Instagram doesn`t allow any links in the posts. There is only one link allowed in the bio section of your profile.

FACT: You can make the most of the only allowed link in the bio by referring people on your post to use this link. You can update this link as frequently as you want and can link it with your new promotions and product launch.

The fact of the matter is that you’re going to find yourself in trouble when you change your strategy without separating the myths from facts. You need to ensure that you’re doing it right, and that is when the abovementioned tips will help you proceed in the right direction.

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