Choosing the Best Signal Booster for Your Needs

Posted by David Watson . on March 28, 2018

Having a strong mobile signal isn’t always guaranteed, even if you’re in the city. In fact, in urban settings, there’s lots of interference and elements that can easily degrade cellular reception. Man-made materials like concrete and steel can block and repel mobile signals. Underground areas like basements and car parks are easily dead zones for cellular reception.

That’s why in densely populated areas, mobile carriers tend to build a lot of cell tower sites, to compensate for the increased user load as well as other factors that hinder signal strength.

For rural areas, there‚Äôs a different problem. The lack of cell towers can give rise to spotty reception and signal “dead spots” in certain parts of the region. Geographical features like hills and ridges can even play a part in poor signal strength. Forest areas can also hinder cellular reception. If your vacation log cabin is in the middle of the woods, you can almost expect to have bad mobile connectivity, even if a cell site is within range.

For professionals and businessmen who rely on strong mobile connections, as well as on-the-go Internet services like 3G and 4G LTE, it’s almost a necessity to invest in a good signal booster to ensure uninterrupted service. For homeowners, especially those with rural getaways, a signal booster kit can do wonders for keeping connected to the local mobile carrier.

Carefully consider which mobile services you’ll be needing, as well as which carrier you’ll be subscribed with before picking out your booster device. Some devices are only rated for 2G and 3G use, while some can only accommodate certain carriers. If you’re looking to access 4G LTE Internet in your locale, make sure that your carrier provides that service first, and that you get the appropriate signal booster kit as well.

Powering a small home or small office

A downtown, 2-room office or a small house with 2-3 bedrooms can benefit from a booster device like the weBoost Connect 4G Signal Booster Kit. For homeowners with larger houses, the weBoost Connect 4G-X Extreme Signal Booster Kit can sufficiently provide the needed inside coverage.

Setting up a vehicle or boat

Need a more reliable connection to your mobile carrier while on-the-go in your vehicle? The weBoost Drive 4G-S Cradle Signal Booster Kit can accommodate a single smartphone from all carriers. For multiple phone users, the weBoost Drive 4G-M Mobile Signal Booster Kit is a heavy-duty alternative.

If you’re a boating and fishing enthusiast, the Wilson Signal Booster 4G Extreme Marine Kit can ensure stronger cell signal strength while on your leisure trips around the bay.

For large offices and multi-story buildings

For large buildings and business applications, you’ll have to properly gauge the targeted coverage area you want to benefit from signal boosting. Take note that these enterprise-grade kits are a hefty investment. For example, the Wilson Pro 70 is able to provide boosted coverage for up to 7,500 square feet of space. Its more powerful big brother, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select can easily boost an area of 20,000 square feet. For even larger buildings, you’ll have to opt into customized solutions from hardware companies that specialize in the technology.

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