Codelobster IDE- Free Editor For JavaScript, CSS, PHP and HTML

Posted by David Watson . on October 1, 2018

CodeLobster IDE

Let us here introduce you to Codelobster IDE: the free editor of several web languages. The editor is not new in the software market. With a long established presence, it has become the favorite of many people.

The software lets you edit files in multiple languages including JavaScript, CSS, PHP and HTML. In the software, the syntax is highlighted and the user is offered hints for the functions, tags as well as their parameters.

There is accurate highlight of the PHP functions as well as the HTML tags when a user puts-in the PHP code in his HTML template. The same functionality goes with the other codes.

It also incorporates an auto-completion functionality that is meant for eliminating any chance of the errors that can take place during the editing process as well as for speeding up the work of the programmer.


The editor offers contextual assistance on each and every supported language of programming, making use of the advanced documentation by downloading them from the official websites. This helps the user to get a quick description of any JavaScript or PHP function, HTML tag or CSS attribute by simply tapping on the F1 key.

Codelobster IDE includes a PHP debugger that helps you to execute the scripts of PHP in a step-wise manner. You can view the loops work procedure, allot the check points and keep a check on all the variable values at the time of script execution.

With the help of the editor, the user can directly take a look on the HTML templates, explore the concerned styles of CSS and show up the gripping elements. CSS and HTML inspector works on the FireBug notion.

Useful Features of Codelobster IDE

  • The IDE performs functions such as collapsing and selection of the code snippets, building and recognition of the entire PHP project structure, showing up of the blocks and facilitating navigation on the files that have been edited to ensure easy and convenient work on all the projects.
  • The IDE editor itself counts the quotation marks and parentheses, so you do not need to worry about it.
  • Supports 17 user interface languages including English, Spanish, German, Russian, French and 12 other languages.
  • Compatible With Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora

In Addition the Professional Version Includes an Extensive Set of Plugins

  • Full support for JavaScript libraries such as MeteorJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, jQuery and Node.js
  • A big number of extensions that make working with PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Smarty, CodeIgniter, Twig, CakePHP and Yii plug-ins
  • Codelobster IDE offers Plugins to work with most widely-used CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento

A person can work on projects using built-in FTP client on a distant server. The results can be viewed, files can be edited and changes can even be synchronized with the hosting files.

Now you do not need to be carried off from your major tasks as one can install and download any sort of framework from the program without getting any distractions.

You will fall for the editor, since no major complaints can be spotted while using it. The best part is that it does not hang, runs on a good speed and you can easily work on your giant PHP projects.

Codelobster IDE can be downloaded from its official website

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