Evolution of USB Drive in Computer and Benefits of the USB Type C Hub

Posted by David Watson . on July 12, 2018

We are all familiar with the term USB; as whenever it comes to connecting a flash drive or external tool with a computer, we generally go for attaching them with USB ports. USB ports have different classifications and versions. Today, we commonly find two types of USB ports. The first type is USB 2.0, and the other type is known as USB 3.0. Apart from these two popular versions, a new version of USB is emerging as well as trending these days. This new version is known as USB 3.1 or USB-C. As MacBook Pro has added USB 3.1 port, it is expected that USB-C will be the future of connectivity through the USB port.

How Is USB-C Port Advantageous?

Using USB-C port is advantageous in many aspects when it comes to comparing this new version of USB with other USB versions. This USB drive is introduced to perform faster. We have seen that with old USB cables were quite ineffective when it comes to copying files from one drive to another through them. With USB-C port, faster exchange of data will take place. Apart from that, performance wise, it will be far better than older USB versions.

USB ports are used for charging Smartphone or tablet. However, slow charging common aftermath with older versions. With this new USB port version, charging will get faster. As a result, it will become a quite seamless experience for the users. A large number of files can be exchanged between two devices through the USB cable when there is USB C port. USB 3.1 cable is visibly different from older versions of cables. It is easier to connect cables, as both end of the cable is similar and shorter in size than an earlier USB cable. This is because USB 3.1 is smaller in terms of size.

Why Do You Need USB-C Hub?

Generally, devices come with single USB 3.1 port. For example, if you check MacBook Pro, you shall find only one USB-C port there. Moreover, size of this port is smaller. As a result, you need to use USB type C hub. Using this hub will help you to connect multiple devices with your MacBook Pro or another laptop. Another benefit is there. Due to small port size, older USB devices will not be connected to your system easily. Using USB hub will resolve this problem. There is no problem in connectivity with this device. The only thing is the size of the port. The size of the port can be resolved with ease with a proper USB port.

Purchasing this hub is easy as it is available in marketplace quite commonly. If you cannot manage to find it in the local marketplace, you can easily find it at online stores. You can easily purchase it from reputed online stores at an amazingly affordable price. Make sure that you purchase a product from branded manufacturer otherwise you shall not attain the desired durability from the product. So, find it on online stores and compare prices. This will help you to attain the best product at the most affordable price range.

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