Ganttic – Streamline Your Resource Planning and Project Portfolio Management

Posted by David Watson . on March 14, 2018


All businesses are, in a way, dependent on resources for attaining their goals. The resources could be anything, like people, money, and time. It is only when the businesses are able to manage the resources in a better way they can be sure of achieving success. And in this regard, specialized software can surely help!

In this day and age, it is still possible to manage all your resources, be it related to your business or something else, in a traditional way, like maintaining a diary. However, things can get really messy when you’re required to work around with lots of resources and are required to make updates constantly. This is when human errors can easily creep in. To eliminate all these wrong possibilities, digital help can be taken anytime, anywhere. Thankfully, there are tons of programs, apps, gadgets available these days that can simplify how you manage resources and get the best out of them. The progressive software that certainly needs a mention here is that of Ganttic!

All you should know about Ganttic

When you want to utilize your resources better, it helps to have software that can assist you all the way in giving you an overview and schedule efficiently. Ganttic is a resource planning and project portfolio management software that meets all these needs and more. Besides offering useful Gantt charts that are interactive in nature, the software also has a top-notch graphical interface to help unlimited users that connect through it discuss and collaborate better.


It is important for all companies, especially the smaller ones that constantly modify their plans to plan and schedule their resources better. Employing only the traditional tools can be unproductive and messy at times. Use of Ganttic has made the entire process of managing resources more efficient and simpler.

Ganttic – Best Alternative to Microsoft Project & Spreadsheets

For those that are accustomed to using Microsoft Projects and Spreadsheets and finding them tedious, Ganttic offers the best of both worlds! While the former option is expensive, the latter can be tedious. Ganttic, on the other hand, eliminates both and offers solutions that can, at times, limited to just dragging and dropping! Even if you want to go into detail with regard to scheduling and planning your resources, that’s possible with Ganttic.

Helps you manage resources in a better way!

Ganttic is efficient in that it brings together all resources and tasks you may be associated with at a single place. However, sometimes, collecting all information from a single destination can get awry, despite providing you a better overview of things. Luckily, the professionals at Ganttic have done their homework and have simplified a lot of things for you. They have, in fact, managed to provide a solution with which you can have a sneak-peek into resources from various angles!

Customize your project

No two projects are identical. This is why Ganttic has designed and developed resource planning software that makes it easy to customize your project, the way you like it. Sometimes, planning multiple projects become a tricky affair as there are so many resources involved and planning may be required at different stages. Ganttic makes it easy to do all this because it provides you a separate view of all projects. The best part is that all the tasks can be connected to an individual project automatically. And do not worry; even the tasks that aren’t a part of a project can be handled in a different way through the software.

Mix and Match to your heart’s content!

Ganttic lets you use resources any way you like it. Whichever way you want to look at the resources is also possible through this one-of-a-kind software. What’s more, if you want to create a separate view of groups and filters then that’s possible too! This is not all Ganttic has lined up for you. You can easily have separate views created for locations, departments, etc. Another interesting aspect about the software is its ability to zoom-in and zoom-out all your plans. In other words, as and when the time period changes, you’ll notice that the resources’ utilization percentage also will vary accordingly. Thus, you can have a sneak-peek of how your resources have been utilized on a weekly basis, daily basis, or even yearly basis!

Calculation and optimization of resources

Ganttic is not just capable of working around with utilization percentages. In fact, there is a unique feature available called custom data fields that can be employed for generating hourly rates in reports, besides its obvious functions like filtering and grouping. Therefore, if you want to generate a report, then you can use Ganttic for including hourly rates. What’s more, resource planning can be optimized further by finding out the time difference between your estimated plan and the amount of time it actually took to get the job done.

Pricing Plans

  • Free: Maximum of 10 resources
  • Pro 20: Maximum 20 resources ($1.25/month/resource; $25/month; $250/year)
  • Pro 50: Maximum of 50 resources ($1.18/month/resource; $59/month; $590/year)
  • Pro 150: Maximum of 150 resources ($0.99/month/resource; $149/month; $1490/year)
  • Pro 250: Maximum of 250 resources ($0.92/month/resource; $229/month; $2290/year)
  • Pro 500: Maximum of 500 resources ($0.76/month/resource; $379/month; $3790/year)
  • Pro 1000: Maximum of 1000 resources ($0.50/month/resource; $599/month; $5990/year)

Final Words

Ganttic is the software you need to watch out for if you want to get the best out of your resources and be more productive. Whether it is scheduling or planning your resources, handling tasks or generating reports, Ganttic can handle it all for you.

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