Is it possible to Improve Workplace Productivity by Playing Games?

Posted by David Watson . on March 27, 2018

Employee productivity needs to be enhanced and ensured at all times. This is something businesses of any type can’t undermine. Performing routine and mundane activities can easily get in boredom and this can have an adverse effect on employee productivity. Also, remember that there are several external factors that can adversely impact productivity and motivation among employees.

It has been found that playing online and mobile games can vastly improve employee productivity and eliminate the stress that is commonly present in one form or other at workplaces.

You may be tempted to believe that playing games at the workplace may affect productivity. However, this is not true. In fact, playing games, especially the mobile and online ones, can easily entertain and stimulate your brain. This will, in turn, increase productivity. Moreover, companies are fast realizing the benefits of letting their employees play these games during breaks and have successfully managed to boost their morale and efficiency.

Mobile and desktop games are quite effective because they provide a sense of ‘accomplishment’ to employees that are otherwise missing in their routine work. According to a study by Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, nearly 91 percent of employees have sensed improvement in their work experience and have been able to contribute better to the cause of the organization. As seen through this research, playing games have a beneficial effect on brains as they drive efficiency, improve memory, and increase motivation levels.

It has been a time-honored tradition playing games at work. These games could be anything interesting, like playing two minutes Candy Crush, Sudoku or online games like slots. We all have, at one point in time or other, played these games and have found far-reaching benefits. Therefore, if you want to beat work-related problems, feel motivated, or energized, all you can do is to play games during your break!

Your brain will get a lot of exercise in playing games. Even research has proved beyond doubt that games can have a positive effect on improving your cognitive flexibility and memory. After all, these are what are required to help you allocate the natural resources of your brain and help take a decision in a realquick time. If you’re to succeed in the competitive business world of today, then you need to have these skills. And for those running startup companies, having these skills or not can make or break their ambitions!

However, it is also important to plan your time allocation to playing games during break. If you focus on games overly or give it the first preference over your to-do list then your productivity will likely get hit. Therefore, what is suggested is you play games in short bursts throughout the day.

Multi-Player Games for Team Bonding

Team bonding

One thing that should not be underestimated is the game’s social aspect. One of the reasons why employees feel happier in playing games is this. In a play environment, players will get to know each other and will develop a sense of companionship. What’s more, genuine friendship also gets created among the employees. All these factors contribute towards a productive, relaxed, and happier workplace.

Therefore, it is easy to figure out that playing games, both online and mobile ones, can help improve productivity and spread the fun. Incorporating them into your working day should be on top of your agenda!

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