Top Fundamental Magento Extensions You Must Have For Your Business

Posted by Eyden Haze . on April 12, 2018

Magento is one of the robust and extremely functional eCommerce platforms which is highly appreciated for its incomparable features. Using Magento for designing a website ensures increase in the revenue. If you are looking forward to supercharging your eCommerce store, you need to add some extensions to augment its functionality in the best possible ways. Magento extensions allure customers by the way they offer an inspiring feel of browsing through your store. This results in increased time being spent by the consumer on a site. This blog shares top 10 Magento extensions that are a must have for your store. Therefore, to guide you we have come up with the list of outstanding Magento plugins that can be installed to enhance site performance and help you gain a competitive edge.

Magento SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important aspects any eCommerce store needs to invest in serious time and efforts. Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms emerged so far.

With SEO extensions specialized for Magento, you will have better options to optimize your site such as attract more traffic from Search engines. Magento SEO extension cuts down search time on the website and leads customers to the checkout process faster. Fully compatible with all major Magento security patches, this extension automatically optimizes an unlimited number of product meta titles, meta descriptions,URL keys, meta keywords and so on.

Being user-friendly, it facilitates you to crawl and index your eCommerce website quite intelligently.

Pixlee Magento Extension

Pixlee’s integration with Magento enabled store allows brands to use customer photos, videos across online storefronts for a real time social eCommerce experience the benefits of using this extension results into an increased engagement and conversion with:

  • Visual reviews on Product and Category Pages
  • Campaigns and contests
  • Shoppable galleries

Discovering customer insights

Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Magento extension allows businesses to answer consumer’s queries in real time and help them in the purchase process. The extension can be installed quickly in the Magento store. Inb order to track visitor flow and usage patterns, the extension offers a responsive chat widget with behavioral triggers to engage shoppers. An advanced analytics is also provided to track user’s behavior on the site.

Using this extension, businesses can bridge the gap, bringing personal attention and immediate support to the most interested customers. Zopim Live chat is a perfect extension if you are looking for simple and inexpensive live chat. It also aims at making the job of connecting with your consumers in a straightforward and uncomplicated way.

Checkout suite for Magento

With this simple Multi step checkout for Magento, you can simplify your checkout process and improve conversion. With a clear focus on providing users with a few clear and simple steps, the extension is designed with minimum coding so as to ensure maximum compatibility with other extensions.

By reducing the steps, customers are more likely to complete the process and thereby increase profits and conversion rate. Installing this extension on a Magento store leads to reduced cart abandonments. Being responsive, it can be used on multiple devices without any interruption. The fully responsive checkout is optimized to simplify the purchasing process.

Bronto Magento Extension

Bronto Extension for Magento helps businesses drive more sale faster by creating highly targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns that convert one-time buyers into repeat consumers and motivate them to buyers.

The extension imports order history and product details to design highly targeted shopper and customer segments. This allows businesses to send out product recommendations, cart abandonment mails, re-order reminders and transactional emails.


With Optimizely, Magento store owners can track clicks, conversions, sign-ups or any activity a user performs on the web page. The custom goal tracking offers innumerable range of measurable actions that one can define. With its drag and drop visual editor, it allows revenue tracking and the ability to run advanced targeting tests which would have needed custom coding to achieve before.


Yotpo is an outstanding review platform which is quite easy to get integrated with Magento platform. It can be configured from Magento backend and is cost-effective in nature. It is easy to send prompts and reminders with Yotpo. This extension helps Magento businesses generate product reviews and other user generated content to drive qualified traffic, increase conversions and sales.

Another added benefit is that Yotpo is optimized for mobile. This extension will increase the amount of product reviews that you receive and will let you present reviews in an appealing manner on social media platforms. The legitimacy of your products ultimately gets increased while allowing valuable feedback to improve the shopping experience of users on site.

Wrapping it Up:

The sheer number of Magento extensions you can lay your hands on will definitely make you fall in love with them. Not only do they proffer enhanced functionality but also depict uncompromising standards and compatibility. Investing in Magento extension development is the best way to safeguard eCommerce store against the perils of modern economy. This appears to be the safest way to craft your own business in software development niche without taking risks.


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