New Brands Getting Ahead With Technological Engagement

Posted by David Watson . on June 4, 2018

In the time of business prior to the internet, attention and advertising was often a complex and expensive task, both in terms of time and money. In the modern age, however, a multitude of technological improvements have lowered these barriers to entry beyond anything which has existed before. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the most key components of what is newly possible for internet startups, and investigate how some big names have capitalized on these concepts to rise to new levels of success and prominence.

Computer-Based Engagement

Computers have become an unavoidable and crucial component in many of our daily work lives, with the internet itself being a principal facilitator of this development. Email has been one of the key components here, perhaps only matched by the force which is now known as social media. Humans are social creatures, so the ability to quickly and easily communicate online plays to the very nature of our being. It was through understanding this, and taking advantage of an at the time underdeveloped market, which allowed pioneers like Mark Zuckerberg (currently worth $72.8 billion) to rise from obscurity to become one of the richest and most successful businessmen in history.

Similarly, Google has become just as entwined with regular computer use, becoming the almost de facto search engine of all humanity. In this case, it was Larry Page (currently worth $51.0 billion), a computer scientist, who developed what would go on to become the Google search engine. Appealing to this search engine, and searches, in general, would go on to spawn what is known as search engine optimization (SEO). In simple terms, this is a matter of understanding the rules and algorithms of search engines like Google, and taking advantage of this to better the chances of having your product or page appear more frequently in online searches.

Both of these factors combine to create an indispensable part of how modern companies and tech startups must place themselves in order to make an impression. Social media engagement is becoming an increasingly common fulltime job, with dedicated individuals keeping an eye on cultural trends to better appeal to patterns in the market. This is aided by SEO work, which helps draw the initial attention to these efforts. This is standard operation for successful websites, as understanding both these facets is key to remaining competitive in the modern market. It is also important to note the rapid evolution of this sector, as Betway Casino reports that technology is one of the fastest growing and richest industries, with Jeff Bezos ($90 billion), Bill Gates ($90 billion) and Zuckerberg($71 billion) in the top five billionaires. This means that an up-to-date understanding of the key involved elements is going to be an ongoing pursuit for those who wish to stay ahead of the curve.

Personalization of Content

One of the greatest advantages offered by modern technology is the ability to personalize content to each user. As each person is unique, it makes sense to create uniquely targeted experiences whenever possible. While this has always been possible, to some degree, it is only through the automated systems of modern computing technology where the scale has expanded to such a considerable degree. A modern news website, for example, when subscribed to, will commonly offer different stories to different readers, appealing to each one individually to better satiate their individual tastes.

This is also the case for more complex technologies, like the NomadicVR (currently funded at $6 million) arcade system looking to make waves in the future of virtual reality. This system creates a virtual reality arcade in which patrons can play games together from all over the world. The kicker here is that not only will individuals be able to create and customize their own rooms, they will be able to modify their own versions of shared rooms. In effect, this means that groups of people could exist in the same virtual space, yet have their own environments completely different from each other.

Mobile Developments

Now running almost parallel to the developments of desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices are capable of many of the same operations as their larger and more powerful cousins. In addition to this general usefulness compared to larger devices, modern mobile phones include cameras, apps, and augmented reality technology to accomplish feats not feasible on traditional computer systems.

The portability of these devices and their versatility means that, in effect, they can approximate a wide range of tools that might otherwise require specialized equipment. Taking this into account, recent startup Essential Phone (currently funded at $330 million) aims to challenge the current market dominance of Apple and Samsung. As the creator of this device, Andy Rubin, was the man to invent the operating system Android, the idea here is to offer an environment which is much better suited to the variety of operations which these can perform. This is possible because the man who designed this product is somebody with a much more in-depth understanding of the micro and macro systems at play than many of the design-by-committee operations of the established hardware developers.

Targeted Development

There is no one right method for successful engagement in online business and technology. Understanding what is best for each business requires first taking a look at other successful businesses in the same vein, but not deferring entirely to their practices. As the technological world is still evolving, it remains a dynamic system which requires forward thinking in order to best be utilized. Starting with established steps, and understanding your businesses place will get you off on the right foot, but to really set yourself apart you need to either be at the top of the game or do something new and unique.

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