30+ Exclusive Non-Horizontal Header Design Ideas

Posted by Eyden Haze . on March 10, 2017

One of the very first thing visitors observe upon arriving on a website is their headers. Many websites make most of it by adding beautiful ingredients to web design comprising background videos, stunning images, slideshows, and more. As the trends keeps on changing, so are the ingredients.

Design trends are always active and if you want to be on top of it, you need to keep an eye to design modernization.

To assist you be in rapidity with the latest, we have collected some if the creative header designs that are certain to put some extra flavor in your new website design. Go through the collection and treat your eyes with these new and exhilarating designs.

Algolia Saas



Landing Page

Landing page

Creative Landing Page

Digital Agency

Sports Tech



Personal Trainer

Website Homepage Concept

Sussex Downs College

Creative Landing Page


Responsive eCommerce Webstore

Abbey Moore Photography

Design Agency

Amsterdam All Week!



Music Streaming Apps

Education Platform

Design Agency


One From The Archive

Everchron 2.5

Landing Page


I Code Your Design

Sound Control


Pukka Landing Page

  1. Michael Deane
  2. Liam Carew-Smyth

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