40 High-Quality Free Photoshop Brushes Sets For Designers

Posted by David Watson . on October 6, 2016


Photoshop brushes are a great time-saver as they let you to swiftly generate rich artwork without having to sketch all the individual design components.

There is a huge range of Photoshop brushes obtainable ranging from fabric textures to leaf designs, typography to cloud patterns. While Photoshop CC does come with a set of pre-installed brushes, but you can only carry out basic level design related activities.

It is extremely difficult to find out the one that would completely fit your specific requirements. High-quality Photoshop brushes are in great demand always, that is why every web designer should have a set of Photoshop brushes in their tool boxes.

In this post we have collected 40+ amazing Photoshop brush sets. Go and grab the free downloads given below and start adding wonderful design to your next projects now with these Photoshop Brushes sets!

Cloud brushes

1Cloud brushes

Fire brushes

2Fire brushes

Hi-res clouds

3Hi-res clouds

Grass and plant brushes

4Grass and plant brushes

Night sky brushes

5Night sky brushes

My heart brushes

6My heart brushes

Dried blood splatters

7Dried blood splatters

Water brushes vol. 2

8Water brushes vol. 2

Floral swirls

9Floral swirls

Gradient shapes

10Gradient shapes

Sparkle brush

11Sparkle brush

Star brushes

12Star brushes

Tree borders brushes

13Tree borders brushes

VectorPack brushes

14VectorPack brushes

Paint lines

15Paint lines

Fairy tales brush set

16Fairy tales brush set

Dust particle brushes

17Dust particle brushes

3D Halftone

18D Halftone

Coffee stain brushes

19Coffee stain brushes

Photoshop flourish

20Photoshop flourish

Grunge and smooth floral brushes

21Grunge and smooth floral brushes

TC magic spells: moon

22TC magic spells moon

Feathers and birds

23Feathers and birds

Ornamental butterflies 2

24Ornamental butterflies 2

Fractal brushes

25Fractal brushes

Moon brushes

26Moon brushes

Sponge party

27Sponge party



Nature silhouettes

30Nature silhouettes

Spray splatter

28Spray splatter

Splashes of paint

31Splashes of paint

Vintage wooden brush

32Vintage wooden brush

Hair brushes set 1

33Hair brushes set 1

Heads up display pack

34Heads up display pack

Technical brushes

35Technical brushes

Subtle brush set

36Subtle brush set

Strokes and splatters


Photoshop brush set

38Photoshop brush set

Speckle brushes

39Speckle brushes

Gritty and grunge

40Gritty and grunge

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