PHP and Web Designing Should Go Hand in Hand: Reasons to Combine Them

Posted by David Watson . on July 26, 2018


The web designing industry has grown and expanded at a great pace. The reason for this is because almost all businesses have today come to realize the immense importance that the internet holds for business enterprises in terms of its marketing and campaigning potential, and hence business owners want to keep a business website now. A lot of different languages can get used for web designs. However, PHP is the programming language which has singularly taken over the whole web designing world in a quick period of time. This article will let you know why you should incorporate PHP in your web designing efforts.

Reasons why PHP has become the most popular programming language today

  1. It is open source: PHP is an open source language. This will imply that there will not be any charges if you want to download or if you want to if you require any types of licenses for using it. This will save you a lot of extra expenses as well. If PHP were getting charged for then, the businesses would be required to incur a lot of heavy expenses for getting the authority for using the language.
  2. It is quite user-friendly: When PHP is compared with other more classic languages like ASP dot net, C or C++, a lot of designers have seen that PHP is more user-friendly. This will result in causing a lot more traffic getting attracted by web designs which are based on PHP. Businesses which would like their websites to attract more traffic should use PHP, and for this reason, PHP based web designs are so preferred by entrepreneurs. Web Designers also like using PHP as it makes their work become easier.
  3. Web compatibility: Websites which are PHP based will be compatible with a lot of browsers, like Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. These websites will also be compatible with various operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac. Such sites will be working fine servers for databases like MySQL. This nature of easy compatibility has led to the rise in PHP based web designs being so popular.
  4. Managing Databases: PHP can help to manage a high quantity of databases. A lot of businesses will want their websites to be able to manage a big database and hence it is so popular. Using PHP for your web designing will make your business website much easier to navigate, and this will make the process much easier for visitors to locate whatever he or she wants. If the navigation of your website is easy, then it will make your visitors quite impressed.
  5. Dependable: PHP programming will help to convert an idea and turn it into a concept and then create an appealing website so that it will perform as is expected of it.


PHP will help your website become more interactive as user-friendly as can be made possible. Using PHP will also make your site search engine optimized.

Some of the ways in which PHP can be used are:

Graphical User Interface

PHP can be used for creating innovative and simple user interfaces and web designs. It can also be used for creating a lot of complicated desktop applications. Web designers know that PHP can also be used for a transitional vehicle also. It is essential to have a complete understanding of all the extensions of PHP for creating beautiful GUIs. It is also quite easy for building desktop applications by using PHP. PHP has numerous extensions and the fact that it is open source has made it completely to be used anywhere by everyone.

Developing Applications for Social media

In case you want to integrate social media websites with your business website, PHP will be of great use. Before the rise in popularity of social media, PHP was only used for designing websites, but since then it is also used for linking social media websites with official sites. There are special dedicated PHP libraries and guides available on the internet which will show how PHP can be used for making games and popular apps for social media usage.

Creation a Mailing List

PHP will allow you in drafting a customized script. With PHP, you will be able to email newslettersto your clients and other people. A pre-drafted script might also be usedlso. The PHP mailing lists will be maintained for keepingonly listed people to receive information when you would like them to receive the letters. PHP will make mass mailing become possible too.

Building a Community based on Internet

It is important to promote your business on the internet and create awareness about your products in order to make your audience understand that are supported by a community. It will make customers interact with each other through specialized forums and social networks. This can help customers to know better about which types of products and services which you can offer. To build an online community will enable you to receive valuable customer feedback also. PHP frameworks are quite useful in creating online communities.

Developing an E-Commerce site

PHP is also mostly used in the implementation of the E-Commerce solution. One can learn how to build shopping carts by using dedicated PHP Frameworks. Integrating different types of payment solutions will also be possible.

PHP is the logical and the best choice for most of the web designers as it will offer the website stability, ease of access and accuracy.

You can visit to learn more about PHP can be used for making your business website come alive and help you in expanding your business by creating a beautiful business website.


It is great importance that the web design you use for your business website is responsive, future-proof, has a great user interface and will attract viewers and visitors. PHP is best for creating such sites. Hopefully, this article will have helped you understand why PHP is so popular with web designers.

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