Review of The Best Dating Sites’ Designs

Posted by David Watson . on July 24, 2018

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Some people compare the choosing of a dating site with buying a new pair of shoes. It makes sense. You are surely looking for convenient ones for all occasions and at the same time, cute and attractive. Most users are interested in the aesthetic pleasure of the process, which can be compared with looking at hot Russian girls, the intelligibility of the interface and, of course, the choice of suitable candidates.

Therefore, people take a closer look at the most adequate, popular and famous dating sites’ designs, testing them according to the following criteria.

  • Is it user-friendly or not?
  • Is it likable?
  • Is it popular? (Many people are attracted by its popularity.)
  • Does it have an app? (This criterion is one of the most important today because most often, people use their phones to communicate with strangers.)

The listed sites are among the most popular ones and made according to one principle. They all are aimed at helping you meet your one and only. You can get acquainted with people who have different goals, characters, and their own inner demons, the only thing you have to do is to decide what dating site’s design suits you most.

  • The dating site is made in several languages.
  • You can search for people with psychological compatibility.
  • The site provides a questionnaire with several thousand questions on completely different areas and aspects of the character. Moreover, if you want, you can indicate how important a certain response from a partner is to you.
  • There are wide settings. You can search for a person according to a location, personal habits, appearance and character traits.
  • You can sign in via Facebook.
  • You will enjoy convenient and intuitive interface.
  • Design of the site is made in pleasant colors and with modern graphics.

  • The dating site offers a techy-looking design with many icons and pleasant colors, which are intended both for modern generation and for older people who prefer something calm and not very garish.
  • Here, you can enjoy straightforward functioning and very convenient drop-down menu as well as a search function.
  • The site has interesting and good-looking home page graphics.
  • Good-organized content makes it one of the ideal dating sites’ designs.
  • Talking about the search function, it allows making both quite specific and general searches, depending on your demands. However, you cannot save your preferences for the future searches.

  • The dating site offers you a unique 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system.
  • You have to fill in a big registration questionnaire, which will be used by the matching system.
  • Your profile on the site will look like an independent website with good-looking graphics.
  • The dashboard displays all your recent activity on the site.
  • The search function is quite convenient since it shows how each criterion (for example, height or color of the eyes) affects the number of final results.
  • The site has its own blog with useful tips for users.
  • The design of the site is made in pastel colors.
  • The font for displaying text is made in medium font size and is very comfortable for reading.

  • The dating site is made in twenty-five languages, so your chances to find someone special on other continent increases.
  • Here you will find almost the easiest set-up.
  • There are no long questionnaires like on other sites, all the information is taken from your Facebook account.
  • Here is a very intuitive and modern design, made in pleasant colors.
  • The dating site offers a carousel principle of looking at profiles.
  • It applies modern CSS, plays to the PR side, and is easy to use.

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