Role of Design in Building a Brand

Posted by Eyden Haze . on August 9, 2018

Branding is critical to growth. Building a reliable brand image is utterly important for the visibility of business in today’s ruthlessly competitive market scenario. In a setup where zillions of business enterprises are trying to outsmart each other, branding is the only way to secure recognition.

Now, when I say the brand, I am sure the first thing that strikes your mind is its logo. That is, of course, a very crucial part of the entire brand building strategy. However, there is a lot more to it.

Apart from incorporating visual elements such as name, symbol, slogan and color palette, a brand also encompasses the image and reputation of the company, how well does it responds to the needs of the customers, the actions they take and the promises they make. A brand’s personality goes far beyond any existing tangible element.

Moving on, building a sharp brand image that is easily recognizable is very important to the success of all businesses. It has the potential to largely impact customer awareness, their loyalty and eventually the revenue of the company. It is the most significant touchpoint that the public has when it comes to the way they perceive your business. Also, a study reveals that presentation of a strong brand identity increases the revenue by 23%. Therefore, building a brand is extremely important.

The Significance of Design

The significance of design while building a brand is not only integral in terms of the brand logo. Instead, there are many more aspects where the design needs to be well-incorporated into the brand’s personality in order to shape a consistent brand image.

Good designing takes a very important seat in brand building as it allows the brand to connect with the people without any words. It creates a lasting impression on the customers, who without any information can understand what the brand is trying to convey. Let’s follow it with an example. A narrow and sleek ui/ux design solutions can communicate that the brand is chic and modern, while something heavier, colorful and traditional can demonstrate that your brand is conventional and conformist.

How Brands are Using Design

As discussed above, sound designing is central to establishing an easily recognizable brand. Carefully designing the various aspects of a brand helps to bring out what the company wants to convey to their audiences. The Design has the potential to make the brand resonate in the minds of the customers and thus, helping you stand apart.

If we talk about some famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Audi, Apple, Puma, etc. you can easily remember their logos and tell them apart. These are renowned brands that have created a strong branding in the market. For instance, the four rings of Audi are easily identifiable, and it cannot be mistaken for any other car company logo. The strong brand the company has created over the years allows them to put a premium price tag on their products as well.

All these brands are very consistent with the elements of the design and follow the same color scheme throughout that helps them come across as effortlessly decipherable. The Puma logo has become so familiar that it has started using simply the cougar symbol, without the company name underneath. This is the power of having a well-designed and unique logo associated with your brand.

Color also plays a very crucial role in designing your brand identity. Sometimes, simply selecting the appropriate color and deploying it consistently can largely increase your brand recognition among the customers. Besides, font and the artwork convey a lot about your business model.

Creating Consistency for Your Brand Online

Nowadays, almost all businesses have an online presence either by using a website or mobile app development. Therefore, their brand should be present seamlessly throughout every channel that is used to reach the targeted customers. This includes all advertisements, brochures, letterheads, social media accounts as well as the company’s website. There should be consistency in design throughout so that the customers do not get confused and find it easy to distinguish your brand from the rest.

A good website design can offer a consistent brand experience to the online visitors. These things should be followed by designer or developer of the web or mobile app development agency.

Consistency is vital while building a brand. Whether it is the design of the artwork, the font, and colors used, the content shared, or anything else. It should all be similar and uniformed plus must match the branding efforts.

Another point to note is that your UX plays an important role in conveying your brand image. In case of your website, if the colors used are not appealing, or the font is not easy to read, it may lead the customers to exit quickly. Even your website has a substantial impact on your overall branding, and thus, all efforts should be made to strengthen its look and feel.

Final Words:

If you are a startup and looking to build your own brand, starting with laying out all the essential guidelines such as the logo, slogan, colors to be used, fonts, and the tone is generally a good way to begin. This will help you in maintaining consistency across all channels. Additionally, if you are working with a team of designers, convey them the goals of your business, what it stands for and what do you want it to do for the people. The aim is to establish a brand that instills people with faith and confidence and so, having a strong focus on the overall design is a must.

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