25+ Silly SEO Mistakes That You Need to Avoid [Infographic]

Posted by David Watson . on November 17, 2016


We all know that WordPress makes SEO easier. However, sometimes instead of taking everything for granted, it pays to know how SEO works and what techniques can garner more benefits to your site. Reading up or keeping a close tab on the recent SEO updates can help you avoid SEO mistakes that can affect your site’s performance. Therefore, learning about SEO is a must, if you want to improve your site’s ranking and traffic.

However, sometimes in spite of doing a thorough job of understanding the intricacies of SEO, there may be times when you inadvertently implement SEO tactics that are no longer effective and this could affect your site’s performance & functionality. Hence, to avoid this here is an SEO mistakes Infographic that can prove to be mightily useful.

What is the Infographic about?

This impressive Infographic highlights 25+ silly SEO mistakes that you need to avoid. Plus, it recommends helpful tricks that can help you fix these mistakes. Moreover, here is a quick overview on some of the SEO mistakes that are covered in this Infographic:

  1. Lack of social media profiles for your website
  2. Improper or no interlinking on the site
  3. Boring content with dull headline
  4. Un-optimized images both for blog post and social sharing
  5. Slow website speed.
  6. No sitemap
  7. Missing ALT attributes on images
  8. Broken links on the website
  9. Not making use of Analytics to track results
  10. Improper use of 301 redirects
  11. No quality outbound links
  12. Ineffectual content promotion strategy
  13. Non-responsive web design

Like mentioned above, these are just a few common SEO mistakes. For a detail list of SEO mistakes that you need to avoid, take a look at this Infographic. Additionally, if you want to save this for future reference, you can just download it for free!

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