Online Invoicing is Now Streamlined with Sleek Bill Online

Posted by David Watson . on July 12, 2017

Stacked with piles of projects to be done, one might get piqued over and over again, especially giant firms or freelancers, who wish to refrain from tasks which consume their time in order to focus on the completion of their ventures. All the more, it’s a mammoth task to deal with different billing cycles of different projects. At this juncture, major firms have noticed the importance of online invoicing and its perks.

About Sleek Bill

Sleek Bill Online is an online invoicing application fit for the rush that persists currently. For budding businesses, Sleek Bill could be a great hack, uplifting the performance of the firm by helping them in saving up some bread for the future. It is relatively simple to work with this tool and to get started with, you just need an account and you’re good to go. You could sign-up and drop by your dashboard to discover the various features lined up.

Why You Should Use Sleek Bill Online?

In view of the following features, we’d give Sleek Bill Online a nod for sure:

Easy Accessibility Everywhere: An internet connection is all you require to access your Sleek Bill dashboard. Though you could definitely use mobile devices or tablets to access the site, it is highly recommended to use a PC/Mac if you need to access the portal with enhanced navigation. However, you can always access your account on the go using the mobile version and while you are logged on one device, your team could access the same account simultaneously and receive real time updates.

We found that security is one of the top-most priorities of Sleek Bill, consequently topping our list with a decent score. Sleek Bill carefully administers the security of the transactions or data that gets transmitted through its secure servers.

Invoicing Made Easy: With Sleek Bill Online, you don’t have to worry about importing your clients every single time you tally your bills. You can import them all at once for easy access. Sleek Bill offers a range of billing services right from pro forma to a modest delivery note. These documents could be created in no time coupled with intuitive design. Apart from this, keeping a watch on due invoices or stock management is now in easy reach through Sleek Bill.

You are also provided with features such as supervising the sales progress, keeping a record of the payment that’s due or already done, and delivery of advanced reports.

Sleek Bill

GST Billing Software: Sleek Bill offers you the best of the best. Hitherto, in case of Indian SMBs, frequent GST (Goods and services Tax) updates did pose a major concern to the Accountants. Sleek Bill promises you the ease of managing GST tasks and reports directly from the app.

Get Faster Payments: Your emails could land up at your client’s spam folder, delaying your payments further out of ignorance. In tandem with Sleek Bill, you can get your money on time! Ensuring that your mails are headed directly to your client’s inbox, it augments chances of faster payments. Now send an email in a jiffy by attaching your invoice as a secure link or as a PDF.

Every mail that you send gets spam filtered efficiently, an assurance given by Sleek Bill that we found captivating.

Another commendable effort by the diligent team of Sleek Bill we noticed is the automatic conveyance of pending payments through notifications sent right to your clients. This, in conjunction with the SMS notifications leaves no stone unturned to get your rewarded faster.

Lured by the app’s competences, we totally groove on Sleek Bill. What follows next is a quick summary of what you are promised, by Sleek Bill Online:

Send customized, professional invoices in multiple templates
Quotes, pro forma and delivery notes ready in a click
Supports International tax system
Data security and Auto backup
Product database and inventory tracking
Customer management
Powerful reporting for your finances
Accessible by the entire team online
14 days free trial


The pricing policy of Sleek Bill is ingeniously classified into two plans: Free forever and premium business plan.

The former comes with its own limitations of 10 documents to be posted per month. Despite the Sleek Bill branding on all of the issued documents, users are constricted to the access of advanced reports with limited support.

The Premium business plan conversely composes of delivering unlimited documents with no branding and full support. Starting just at 2499 INR/year, a 14-day free trial is also available to get you started with an experience that includes export and import functionality and multiple-user support.

Final Words

To cut a long story short, Sleek Bill Online suits every freelancer, accountant or even businesses, small or huge. Sending somebody a statement is not a burden anymore and getting it done automatically based on your preferences is what’s called being smart.

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