The Engine of Digital Marketing

Posted by David Watson . on December 29, 2017

Digital marketing is one of the best things that have changed the way people do business in the 21st century. It has greatly reduced the cost of promotion for many companies, while also increasing profits and creating more sale opportunities. The geographical barrier which has limited the business world for long has suddenly been lifted through the provision of several online facilities.

Although there are various marketing channels supported by the internet, the one channel that has proven to be most effective than others is email. Why? Because it is cheap and easy! You won’t find a cheaper marketing channel that provides a greater ROI than email marketing.

Nowadays, customers only advertise a product or service when it is convenient. It is very rare to find someone who would clip an advert from a magazine or newspaper just to send to a friend that might be interested. Or send a postal mail with such ad. On the other hand, it only takes few clicks to forward an email with an attractive offer to as many friends or relatives that are interested. Thus email marketing doesn’t only provide an easy way of networking, but also ensures a wider target market is reached with your offerings through connection among customers.

From here, it is very easy to see why email is the engine of digital marketing. By ensuring better ROI and customer interaction, it has proven to yield more conversions compared to other marketing channels. This is why you’ve got a better chance in your business with an effective email marketing campaign.

But then let’s look at the facts. Why is email so important? Why is it the face of digital marketing at the moment?

Generate higher leads and conversion than social media

Whether you believe it or not, email marketing is better promotional channel than social media. Acquiring new leads is very easy with emails because they can be painlessly personalized; something that is pretty difficult with social media.

In terms of finding new customers and keeping them, email marketing tops the list.

Highest return on investment

Research and surveys reveal that email marketing has a greater return on investment than any other marketing channel, even social media. Sending email is pretty cheap and the profit it generates from conversion is alarming. On the average, you can get up to 120% ROI from a successful email marketing campaign. No wonder everyone is leveraging on email to skyrocket their sales-exactly what avid gamers do with bonus online games.

Emails don’t die easily

A tweet can fade within few minutes while a new post or update on Facebook may take a couple of hours. However, when you send emails to people, it will remain in their inbox for as long as possible, until they decide to delete it. Of course, this only happens if they don’t like what they see.

Wider reach to customers on mobile

Among the numerous upsides of email marketing is the opportunity to reach customers even while they’re on the move. The number of mobile phone users is on the increase, which makes the use of emails an ideal means of reaching customers anytime, especially those who do not have access to PC. In fact, recent surveys show that more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile.

Can you also achieve this with postal mails or magazine adverts? Guess the answer obvious.

Easy to measure your success

When using emails, you can easily know those who are reading your messages and those who do not. With the information, you will know what is working and what is not and will also able to follow up on those interested in your offerings. This is opposed to direct mails or placed ads which do not provide any link to interest groups.

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