The Way to Recover Deleted Data or Photos Because of Formatting the PC

Posted by David Watson . on October 8, 2018

You can make a stupid mistake when you are in hurry including formatting your PC without creating a backup for important photos and data. This is totally a mistake because you will lose all the data and the photos there.

Definitely, you can’t imagine if you lose photos or data for your clients, right? So, is it impossible to recover the lost photos or data after formatting the PC? If it is possible, how to recover lost photos and data caused by formatting the PC? Luckily, you are able to recover the lost photos and data as long as they are not overwritten by a new file.

The only possible way is using a software. The software will help you to recover the data safely and effectively. You just need to follow several simple steps before getting the data including your important photos back to your formatted PC without any problem. You can open and use those data and photos just like what you want.

Data recovery

  • Download and Install the Software

Because you need a data recovery software to restore the lost photos or data, you have to download the software first. Just make sure that you are downloading the best data recovery software so you can really get the benefits without adding more problems, especially with the system of the PC and the lost data.

  • Launch the Data Recovery Software

When the software is ready, just launch it. Then, you just follow the instructions carefully from the beginning until the end. Let say, you have to select the data recovery mode after operating the software. Continue the process by choosing the External Devices Recovery option.

  • Find the Exact Location

Before the scanning process begins, the software asks you to show the location of the data or photos. The location is the same as the system you are formatted. Let say, you are formatting the D drive, it means the location of the deleted or lost photos or data is on the D drive. Select the exact drive and click the start button.

  • Wait for the Scanning Process

By the time you click the start button, the data recovery software will start to scan the drive. Wait for the scanning until it is done. During the scanning process, the data and photos which have been formatted will appear one by one. Check the list carefully and make sure that you find all the data you need to restore.

If it is not, you need to choose a deep scan mode so the software will scan the drive once again. Not all software has this mode. Find the best data recovery software which supports this mode. Scanning takes time and the speed depends on the software you choose.

  • Select the Data or Photos You Want to Restore

Now, you have the list of all formatted data on the screen. You may preview the data one by one and then choose the data or photos you want to restore. This process is also used to check whether the data is still working normally or not. If you can preview them it means you can use it after the restoration process.

  • Recover the Data and Photos

The last thing to do is recover the data and photos. You just need to click the recover button in the data you want to take back. Then, the data will be saved to the formatted PC. Check the data on the original folder or drive. In the normal condition, you can do something with the data such as open the data, copy, paste, move, and many more.

The steps above explain to you that the performance of the data recovery system depends on the way you choose the software. The more sophisticated the software you choose, the more accurate and fast you can restore the data.

Indeed, you also make sure that the formatted data can be read by the data recovery software otherwise you really lose the data permanently. You have to be selective to pick the data recovery system which will help you so you don’t have to face any additional serious problems during the restoration process whether a problem with the PC or the lost data you want to find.

The best part to keep your important data or photos safe is by creating a backup first, especially before formatting the PC to avoid an unwanted condition.

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