Tools Everyone in the App Development Industry Should Be Using

Posted by Eyden Haze . on April 18, 2018

Application development industry is at full pace with the advancement of new technology and inventions. Apps are being launched every week with an aim to make the life of users easy. Every app developer needs appropriate tools to build an application, code them, run them, and check for errors. Choosing the right tools and methods helps the developers to deliver smooth user apps. Here are some tools which are needed for every application developer to save time and to deliver high-quality apps.


This is a streamlined and popular tool which uses .Net and C# to provide app solutions across all existing platforms. It allows type checking by the developers to allow them to detect and fix any errors before the user. It uses a friendly interface which portrays native app feel helping the developers to respond to every request coming from the user. It even has an impressive smooth integration with the visual studio which allows developers to work on the application from their desktop. Some of the features include in-house deployments and custom autoupdates. It beacons technology and real-time signal processing. It allows video streaming and integration with social media sites.


Using this online tool, developers can build a native mobile app using the popular Javascript language. Other than native apps, developers can also build mobile apps and real-time analytics. It comes packed with all the tools and features required to build an app. It is a time-saving tool when it comes to building apps. You can preview the development and changes you make in the app in live view. It supports both Android and iOS apps making it a good start for those concentrating on cross-platform development. It is a web-oriented app as it is developed using web technology.

Corona labs

It is a software development kit required by the programmers to build mobile applications across all platforms like Android, iOS, desktop, and Kindle. Its features include audio, GPS, accelerometer, cryptography, and device information. It is basically used to build 2D mobile applications and helps to write gaming apps. It uses Lua scripting language and APIs with a variety of plug-ins to develop the app. The API calls of the tool are used for audio and graphics. The software comes included with various third-party tools and services like Kwik, One signal, and Lime.


This is an open source platform which helps developers to write a powerful mobile application. The advantage of using PhoneGap is that the application written on this works on every platform. One can easily build hybrid applications with CSS, HTML, and javascript alongside PhoneGap. This tool is a cloud-based mobile app development which removes the pain of building native SDKs and they compile the updated SDK app once you upload your app to their cloud. Its special hydration feature builds cycles and offers faster debugs.


If you are looking for a way to keep track of expenses and time, Harvest is the tool of your choice. It is the pulse of a business which makes sure that your projects are on track and if the business is going strong. If a developer wants to add time tracking to his application, he can incorporate Harvest as a small button by which users can easily track time inside the app. It is specifically used to keep track of the team tasks. Team members can log in their hours in the timesheet which can be viewed in visual graphs to see how each member performed their job. It is helpful in checking how much time is left for each project and what amount of budget money was utilized. Invoices can be generated for the time tracked.

Sublime Text 3

It is a cross-platform code editor which runs using a Python API. It supports markup languages and programming languages along with the plug-ins added by the users. It has Goto Anything feature which is used for quick navigation to the files. This 3rd version comes with added features like Pane management and symbol indexing. The auto-completion code and syntax highlighting features make it popular among the developers. It can support several programming languages and color code the elements appropriately. The code editor even warns the user of parsing errors in real-time.

Image Optim

This tool is specifically used by the developers to make the pages load faster. It compresses the images and saves bandwidth. With help of Image Optim, one can use high-quality images without bogging down the site. The product photos in an e-commerce site utilize the tool to clean and compress the images. It helps in removing the private metadata and makes the images responsive to the web. This compression utility GIF, JPEG, and PNG files for better web usage. It edits all files in space by trying out different image optimizers before picking out the best one.


Ionic is one open source cross-platform network which developers can use to develop hybrid mobile apps. It is largely based on HTML 5 programming language and used to create better app UI functionalities with high efficiency. It has better predeveloped and styled components. The code which is once written can be used on all platforms and executed. The code testing can be done on any browser. The ionic tool helps you to get your app running more quickly and thus saves time. With the available pre-made components, anyone can whip up an app in no time and get it running across all major platforms.


Developers use this platform to build and publish native apps with ease. Users can completely customize their apps with extensions. It consists of a clear layout which lets developers understand and view how things operate in the app. The application creation tools are easy to use and have a drag and drop interface. Without any coding skills, iOS, Android, and HTML 5 apps can be built. They have made it an open source coding by which others can contribute to developing new extensions and features.

This is a cloud-based hybrid mobile development platform with excellent programming tools and back-end services. It comes with app settings that show tabs of the pages as you create and store them. The user can switch from source code page to design view to see the outcome. This tool provides visual design, development of the app, deployment of the app, and integration in one place. It allows users to generate code in multiple programming languages and frameworks. It is suitable for developers on all levels of app development skill.


This tool is especially used by developers to build gaming apps. Its drag and drop feature is sufficient to build an app without any knowledge of coding, programming or scripting. The critical features of the tool are image drop wheel, collision editor, scene editor tool, and sliders. It even provides built-in support for the ads.

Bizness app

It is the top-rated app targeted for small to create their own app by which they can increase their earrings, grow a follower base, and strengthen its online presence. Itcontains good templates and sleek designs for different categories of apps. The animated slider feature in it is fully customizable. The tool offers native iOS, android, and HTML 5 apps for users with better security and performance.

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