Top 5 App Development Platforms of 2017

Posted by David Watson . on August 11, 2017

Think of something that your mobile is capable of doing and, I can bet app stores will have an app for that. So we have apps for almost everything your phone can do and we need more and more. They are businesses which need apps and, there are thousands of businesses around the world which have discovered the advantages of being on mobile platforms, through apps.

But mobile app development isn’t a simple task so that you can have an app at any time you want it. There are certain things such as development time, security, flexibility and connectivity which affect the development of app but fortunately, these issues can also be resolved.

Yes, there are a number of tools available in the mobile app development market which can help developers implement apps with desired rapidity, security, flexibility, and connectivity.

Experience Manager

 Experience Manager is the best of the digital experience solutions that helps businesses deliver compelling experience for mobile, web and IoT at the scale your brand needs. It comes with the ability to repurpose content for the use of enterprise requirements along with sharing capability through Creative Cloud and Document Cloud.

 AWS Mobile Hub

 AWS Mobile Hub is a platform by Amazon. It let’s business easily and rapidly build business-level mobile applications. Don’t worry if you are a novice developer because the platform provides great guidance for designing and developing apps and connecting these apps to back-end. AWS also offers a broad range of highly scalable, fully responsive and managed services to let developers include logic, storage, databases, monitoring, streaming, content delivery, data warehousing, and machine learning in your apps.


Titanium or generally known as Appcelerator Titanium is one of the widely used mobile app development frameworks. Apps in this framework are created with JavaScript codebase. Bringing the bare basics of app development, Titanium creates end-to-end value by enabling test-automation, integration of data, evaluation and monitoring via metrics.


Embarcadero is another advanced software tools for mobile app developers; for both native and cross-platform mobile app developments and managements.  The platform can be employed to build apps for different operating systems using the same code as the foundation.


Kinvey, by providing enterprise-grade BaaS solutions, has changed the way data is treated in mobile apps. It creates fast data connections that developers need for their apps, by connecting a number of data sources like Salesforce, SharePoint, SAP and Oracle.

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