Top 5 Cloud Storage Solutions For Linux

Posted by David Watson . on November 22, 2013

In the event of a system meltdown there is nothing more comforting than being able to regain all of your files as a result of your cloud backup solution. However, to optimize your experience you’ll need to get the best option for the platform that you are running. Here we will discuss the best cloud storage solutions for Linux that allow its users to painlessly experience the cloud.


Offering a 30-day free trial with 60GB of storage SugarSync is the first cloud storage solution that we will take a look at. Offering great security and instant back up upon computer start up, SugarSync overs a truly sweet experience. With it, the last five copies of your files will be stored and readily available.


Not only does this allow for easy access, it also gives users the ability to seamlessly go back and pick out the best aspects from previous drafts of a file to create a truly satisfying final draft. SugarSync also allows access from multiple platforms like computers, tablets, or even mobile devices.

There are apps available for Apple, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian mobile devices. Starting at $7.49 a month after the 30-day trial with several package choices to update your storage capacity, SugarSync is a very solid choice for Linux.


SpiderOak cloud storage solution brags of having a zero knowledge privacy policy. If the issue of privacy is a big concern for you, whether you are an individual, professional, or enterprise user, SpiderOak is a great answer for addressing this concern.


Another great aspect of SpiderOak is that they offer both individuals and professionals the option for 2GB storage completely free for life. If you are not planning on storing massive amounts of data SpiderOak may be for you.

However, if you find that 2GB is much too small for your specific needs SpiderOak offers 100GB for only $10 a month or $100 a year. SpiderOak also advertises the unique possibility of becoming a partner for those interested, offering nearly endless possibilities for Reseller or White Label related programs.


With a free trial and a monthly plan starting at the very economical price of $4.95 per month, ZipCloud packs a big punch and is a real contender for being your main cloud storage program for Linux.


Claiming a priority for an individual’s files or any other type of account for that matter, ZipCloud prides itself on providing security that you can count on. The most aspiring aspect of ZipCloud though, is that unlike many other cloud storage solutions, it offers unlimited storage capabilities, allowing it to truly be a stand out choice for Linux OS.



A very reasonable cost starting at only $6 per month, LiveDrive also comes with a free trial to offer a test drive of their services. Their basic storage package offers automatic online back up without compromising on features or security. If you need something more complex, they also offer Briefcase, ProSuite, and Business packages that have storage capabilities in the terabyte range, and more features with each package. It is this versatility in account options and upgrades that may allow LiveDrive to be one of the premiere choices in your cloud needs.

Just Cloud


Just Cloud probably has to be the absolute best means of cloud storage for Linux. Offering a free trial with one of the lowest monthly prices available, $4.49/ month, Just Cloud is a titan in cloud storage.

Featuring not only automatic backup, speed, and security, it also has the added benefit of overall simplicity and ease of use. With many free applications on mobile devices and the ability to sync multiple computers Just Cloud allows a perfect solution for being able to gain access to your files anywhere. With all of its bells and whistles, low cost, and overall quality it is quite easy to see why Just Cloud is simply the best cloud storage solution for Linux.

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