What Are the Top Front-End Technologies Used by Startups?

Posted by David Watson . on December 20, 2017

Whether it is for developers already in the market or for newcomers, it is essential to keep up with the new trends in the startup market.The rapid advancement of technology transforms functions and demands new professionals every day.The market does not want to receive trained professionals for only one function, but specialists ready for adaptation. It is already known that it is not enough to understand about a single technology, but rather about the best solution for a client or project.

Many functions are devaluing in the technology market because there is no more room for action. This is less so with front-end professionals because between the work of the designer and the back-end experts, the front-end developer can act and adapt to both sides. The front-end allows your needs, such as HTML and CSS, to heal different needs from websites to embedded systems.

How can front-end professionals reach relevant jobs and customers in a rapidly changing landscape?

In a recent index of the technology sacks portal, the variety of development technologies is visible. This makes it obvious how the front end professional needs to adapt to the changing market and new customer demands. Front-end developers are responsible for all the code, structure, and architecture of user interactivity with the sites. To fulfill these functions, the front-end developers need to be adept of the three main languages used in programming: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In addition to mastering these types of language, front-end developers need to be familiar with frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone.js, AngularJS, React, and Ember.js. They ensure an excellent view of content, regardless of device and function libraries, such as jQuery and LESS, which involve codes in a more practical, time-saving way. Much of the work of a Front-end developer is based on Ajax knowledge, which is a technique of using JavaScript that allows access to sites by downloading the data server in the background.

Here are the technologies most used in the startup programming strategy : 


Provides a framework for web applications by providing templates with key-value binding and custom events. It also has collections of rich APIs with numerous functions. Connects everything to your existing API in a RESTful JSON interface.
Used by : Airbnb,Coursera,Trello,HubSpot, Foursquare, among others.


It’s a new Facebook library that enables a new approach to creating dynamic UIs, state maintenance, and modularisation of large, complex JavaScript applications.
Used by : Stripe,Tumblr,Freeletics, Uber, Instagram, among others.


Bootstrap is the most prevalent CSS, HTML and JS structure for the receptive advancement of portable first ventures on the web.
Used by : Twitter, SmartAnalytics,DataMiner,Udacity,Appernetic.io, among others.


HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it leaves a crap when used to declare dynamic views in web applications. AngularJS allows you to expand the HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable and fast to develop.
Used by : Wix, The Guardian, SmartAnalytics,DataMiner,Udacity, among others.


jQuery is a fast, small, resource-rich JavaScript library. It makes things such as crossing and manipulating HTML documents, event handling, animation and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works on a multitude of browsers.
Used by : Snipcart,WorkFlowy,Geniuslink,Playo,RedisLabs, among others.

A freelance career as an option for developers

The search for good professionals vs. the high cost of fixed hiring has made room for the hiring of freelancers.Those who are already in the market recommend the autonomous career because it allows the professional to develop projects in different technologies and profiles, thus increasing the experience gain and portfolio quality. The possibility of working in home office, being able to dedicate themselves to different projects are some of the benefits pointed out for those who opt for the freelance career.

The entrepreneurial profile and the choice for a less embedded professional life prepare professionals who are more responsible and committed to good results.The latent need and desire in keeping up to date is what differs from a professional to a freelancer in formal work. This makes hiring freelancers much more interesting for companies and brands as they are professionals concerned about the competition and ready to stand out. And to find good customers, it is essential to look for channels that provide good opportunities.

Final considerations

Still within the Front-end scenario, skills like Bootstrap and Photoshop are also highly sought after, as well as abilities to run responsive applications. However, regardless of the type of wave level and model one of the skills that appear in the top 5 is English – which many people play: it is the most important programming language. In addition to English being the basis of most technical knowledge, it is important to consider the importance of participating in discussion groups, access to original documentation and the internationalization of several technology companies in the country.

Author Bio : Angela Joseph is a digital analyst and technical writer. Currently she`s working in Digital Gravity, a web design agency in Dubai and trying to improve herself in the blogging career.

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