When Do You Need to Use a Free SD Recovery Software?

Posted by David Watson . on March 15, 2019

SD Card Recovery

If you are using a memory card, you better make a backup of your data in case your card stops working. There are four possible reasons why memory cards top working. Following we are going to explain all of them in details.

Types of Data Disasters

When you use an additional storage device, you might as well prepare for the following data disaster types:


In this case, the chance of recovery is high.If you accidentally formatted the card or forgot to transfer some important rater, don’t worry you can recover it in time. Just make sure you didn’t touch the card after you formatted it the last time. This is because the formatting process deletes images from the memory card. It labels the card as free and prepares for writing.

Deleted Images

In case you accidentally lost your data, you can recover your data without much issue. Just avoid writing more images on your disk before you start recovery. The thing is, deleting a file will mark a certain area of disk available for free writing. This shows the actual file was never erased from your disk.

Non-Physical Damage or Data Failure

If this is the case, the changes range from low to average. There isa lot of different scenarios about how it can play out. In case your card failed on you while writing an image and the data has become corrupt, you will receive an error from your device. This message shows that you cannot write the data on your memory card.

The chances of recovery your file depends on how bad a sector has become. It’s possible you can recover an unreadable card, but it depends on the severity of damage.

Physical Damage

If for some reason, you needed up damaging your card physically, and it has become unreadable, the chances of making a recovery are low. You carry a give recovery tool and see if it can help recover anything. If every program failed and drive is unable to recognize, then you have to take this issue to a professional lab.

The chances of recovering your data with SD Recovery software free are high. It doesn’t matter if you formatted or deleted your file. But if your files or device is damaged, the issue gets a bit complex. To learn about your chances, you need to focus o the type of disaster you are dealing with.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

If you needed up in one of these situations, then you better act fast to recover your card. Just make sure you are no longer using your card. Don’t write something new on your card. If you lost some data and you put wrote something else into its place, then you might not recover your data at all. Yes, you might be able to recover some parts,but you cannot rely on a complete recovery.

Use a Third-Party App

If you want to recover your data fast, and without an issue, you are better off trying it with software. Use a third-party app; if you don’t know where to download a free recovery software, then you have come to the right place. Click on Memory card recovery software free full download version, to begin with.

Download the software and install it. It comes with a quick guide that shows you how you can recover your data. Read the guide thoroughly before you start. Load up your card and make sure you have used it after the disaster and begin the recovery process. Don’t be in haste or you will end up causing more damage.

Remain patient and let the process finish. Once the whole process finishes, go through the data and make sure you have to restore every bit. If you missed something, then repeat the recovery process. It will make you cover for your loss.


We have discussed different reasons why people end up losing their data that they save on their card. All four types of disaster have been detained briefly. We flowed this information by some precaution tips,and lastly, we told you how to recover every bit of information. We hope you find this helpful!

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