Why Is Instagram Suitable For Your Restaurant Business?

Posted by David Watson . on August 6, 2018

In today’s world, you can notice a clear link between dining and different social media channels. It is true that people take advantage of Foursquare restaurant check-ins and use hashtags on Twitter to find the right place to enjoy delicious food, but quite interestingly, Instagram is becoming equally efficient in making good recommendations. By maintaining a presence on Instagram, you can reach out to your potential customers and tell them why they should consider your restaurant to dine in. Here are some of the best reasons why you should take your restaurant business to Instagram if you are not already on that platform.

It Lets You Know About Customer Opinions

The most important thing about running your restaurant business successfully is to know what your customers are saying about the food your serve. They may like the food but may not like the ambiance you have created. Or they may find a dish delicious but think the price is way too high for them to come again anytime soon.

The point is that you can get to connect with your customers and know about their opinions and suggestions. Sometimes, you need to make small changes to make something work, and the same holds true in the restaurant business. For instance, if you know that customers are complaining about the current ambiance, you can consider making subtle changes to make it more suitable. Similarly, you can offer a discount week to make a dish more popular, especially when people think that it is good but is on the expensive side.

Understand that you can change your marketing plan and improve your business only when you receive feedback from reliable sources, and that is where Instagram can help.

It Helps You Collect Interesting Photos

By using Instagram sensibly, you can promote your restaurant business like a boss. People love photos, and you can share as many as you like to show them what they should expect when they finally visit you. However, you can also expand your marketing reach by making your customers take photos and share on their own Instagram page. You can even offer them some incentives for taking action.

You can also collect some amazing photos by arranging an Instagram photo contest. You can offer any prize, from a discounted meal to a discounted membership and more, and you will see that it piques people’s interest and encourage them to participate. Just by taking this small step, you will end up finding photos that you may never be able to take by yourself.

Getting the pictures of your business posted on a customer’s page sends a signal to other potential customers that you are doing something right. It improves your credibility, and reputation matters a lot in the restaurant business. Therefore, you take it seriously, and Instagram tells others why your restaurant is the best in town.

It Helps You Promote Business Quickly (Through Rewards)

You can also use Instagram contests and rewards to help promote your business. Holding photo challenges will certainly help, but ensure the photos are not limited to your restaurant only. Expand the boundaries and ask people to share photos of neighborhoods and attractions around your restaurant to convince them to visit you.

Taking this step helps because people will have followers who will be seeing and sharing the photos of your business, which is going to increase the reach of your marketing campaign most naturally and effectively.

It Allows You To Share Videos

Sharing videos are yet another impressive feature making Instagram a great choice for your restaurant business. Done correctly, it will help you win new Instagram likes and followers. When uploading videos, you need to pay attention to the best practices and follow every guideline too. Use hashtags properly and do not forget to use a caption to make your video popular with your target audience.

The bottom line is that you can be on different social media platforms to help promote your restaurant business, but Instagram is going to be the best choice because it lets you share visuals. You can even create stories using your photos and try video marketing as well. So, be sure to make the right use of this marketing channel.

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