Why Should You Jump On The Magento Bandwagon?

Posted by Eyden Haze . on May 18, 2018

Are you planning to try your luck in the E-commerce industry? Go with the B2B landscape as it has transformed beyond all previous recognition. With the total of $500 billion sales estimated from the segment, in particular, business owners are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of this piece of the revenue-generating pie. According to several reports, the industry is growing at a rate of 19% each year, whereas the expected market share is expected to be $6.7 trillion by 2020.

Right from the hostess’s mouth- What B2B Buyers want?

No matter how hard you try, potential outcomes are only viable after B2B E-commerce providers invest in current trends, users choices, and shifts in technological avenues. Down below I would like to shed some light on certain key factors that can make this a rewarding proposition would be –

• User experience- Riding on the heels of the massive success of B2C websites/portals, B2B buying Decision Makers too are demanding a similar interactive and rich E-commerce experience.

• B2B engagement-Do you think satisfying B2B and B2B clients is the same? Probably not! It is a whole different ballgame where a provider needs to invest in a satisfying B2B customer experience by upgrading legacy technology/infrastructure to more robust, scalable and high-performance solutions.

• Mobile Ready- Around 52% of B2B customers use mobile for carrying out business research. One must ensure that the site/portal is mobile friendly.

• Omnichannel- The best part of investing in B2B E-commerce is to prefer Omnichannel B2B customers rather than 100% online or 100% offline customers

• Go direct- Selling direct to buyers without middlemen is the preferred way to transact with B2B customers as proven by a research study.

Seems quite challenging, isn’t it? Well, further I would like to mention certainly feasible solutions that lead to a unified B2B customer E-commerce portal that lends a rich UI, responsive, collaborative and scalable experience to all stakeholders.

Customers can-

Simply view informative product catalog
Gain from better order management capability
Utilize powerful search facility
Easily access accounts and invoicing system
Improve decision making through reports and dashboards

Internal users can-

Drive easy on/off-boarding
Easily manage a product catalog
Easily manage promotions, rewards, and collaboration
Get valuable insights from reports and dashboards

Sellers can-

Maintain SL agreements
Access and view inventory list
Predict accurate forecasts
Manage purchase orders and track shipments easily
Ensure secure data transfer through EDI/E-mail/XML

Such a system can be set up with the help of Magento, the world’s leading Open Source e-commerce platform for B2B and B2C E-commerce.

Why Magento holds a quarter of the entire market for E-commerce websites?

• Backed by some big players- Like I said before, brands such as Nike, Samsung, and Nestle are relying on Magento. In fact, Magento became owned 100% by eBay Enterprise. Which means your platform will always be well looked after financially and will have an investment in its future.

• It turns out to be choice of many brands- If Nike, Ford, Samsung, and Olympus like Magento then they must be doing something right. Incorporating a system that is highly being adopted by large brands tells us it must be secure, able to scale and that it provides everything they need to sell their established brand online.

• It has been the world’s largest E-commerce application marketplace- Chances are extremely rare when Magento doesn’t provide the features you want out of the box. There is everything for everyone. Magento boasts the largest library of extensions in the world, with a large number of them being completely free. And for developers, it means that the functionality you desire will likely be more than just wishful thinking.

• Jam-packed with a plethora of features- As the point itself suggests, Magento comes loaded with features and functionality right out of the box, and enterprise edition adds a whole lot more! When compared with other platforms, one will not find as diverse and complete package of functionality as you do with Magento.

• SEO friendly- Built adhered to best SEO practices and it continues to do that as natural search grows and develops. Magento comes preloaded with SEO friendly features such as search engine URLs, sitemaps, URL rewrites, meta tags and many more. As a result, the platform successfully paves the way for your E-commerce site to appear at the top of the rankings.

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Author Bio : Rakesh Patel is a Marketing Manager at eTatvaSoft – a Web and Mobile App Development company. He relishes writing about various technology trends, management, leadership and much more buzzing things related to the IT industry. His idea of writing is to spread derived knowledge of the latest technologies through his online contribution amongst techgeeks and techlearners.

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