Why Your Emails Are Meeting Failure! Explore The Reasons

Posted by David Watson . on November 10, 2016

Developing an attractive and informative business email for the client is a good practice to do. A business proposal email should be written in clear and concise manner that enables client to understand the purpose of it easily. Also, the way you present content or business details in the email can also influence the client. Besides, the subject line of email should be crisp and catchy. By keeping all things in mind, you create an useful business email for the client. Even more, it can lead the chances of getting positive remark for your email by the customer. Thus, your email marketing campaign becomes successful, if you design email smartly and creatively.

Apart from that, it also matters that your email is being received to the recipient successfully. Sometimes, you sent a business proposal email to the client, but it bounces back or client does not click on it. Thus, your efforts made for drafting an email for the client goes worthless. To avoid this, you should know the reasons why your emails are not getting success to reach the client’s end. Explore those reasons and try to avoid them in your next email marketing campaign.

Below are few prime reasons giving unsuccessful results to emails such as:

Issues with subject line

Subject line is the face of your email that gives a fair idea of the content written in the email body. If your subject line is not meaningful or looks abrupt, it may degrade the interest of client to open the email or click it. However, it’s required to create a catchy, but short subject line that gives a quick look of your business proposal to the client. Ensure that your email’s subject line is written up to 40 characters long and possesses a specific meaning of the context. Keeping this fact in mind, you can give a good impression of your email to the client easily.

Inconsistency in email content

It’s necessary to maintain the consistency of email content while writing it for the client. This should not go out of the track. For this, you need to focus on the subject line and write relevant or business centric email content for the client. Thus, your subject line will be justified with content of email and will help client understand the things better.

Not taking preview of the email before sending

There is an email preview option available in most email inboxes (Gmail inbox and mobile formats). However, it helps you identify the look of the email content in advance. If there is an error in the preview, you can fix it easily before sending email to the client.

Customization of Email

Adding customized facts in the business email can enhance its worth. Here, the customization can be done with email content and subject line. Do personalized changes in subject line of the mail by including first, last or full name of the client in subject line. It may enhance enhance the chances that client would click and read the email as it grabs his attention. Similarly, you can make desired changes in the content to make them more informative for the client.

Lack of Email Segmentation

Lacking in segmentation of emails can also be another reason of not getting success. Segmentation of emails can be done in terms of age, gender, name, location, past history, etc. However, it allows one to filter the emails according to their subjects and go for their respective folders only. It may also lead the open rate of mail by the client, if you write subject oriented email to him.

Email sending time

Sending email to the client on time is also a key to success. Lacking in this area can also lower the acknowledgment of your email by the client. To overcome this difficulty, it’s necessary to be aware of working hours of the client, when he remains online or interact with you easily. Always send email on time to the client and enhance chances to avail instant revert from him.

Due to above few reasons, your emails are not getting success to be acknowledged by the client. By giving attention to all those areas of an email, you can achieve the real worth of it easily.

Final Words:

The success of your email depends upon on various factors such as its subject line, segmentation, customization, preview, and many more. By improvising in all these areas of an email, you can make it meaningful and easy to understand for the client.

Author Bio: Andrew Hudson is an email marketing professional at EmailChopper Company having rich experience in this field. He has keen interest in writing blogs and articles on diverse email marketing topics and suggests right tips to get success in this domain

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