10 Best iPhone 6 Apps You Should Install

Posted by David Watson . on July 16, 2015

Mobile Apps have truly created wonders for all of us. It is generally believed that the apps for which one has to pay for are really good. Although this is a justified belief yet there are few free apps as well which can amaze you equally. Let’s have a glance at some of the best iPhone 6 apps that can truly enhance your device’s look and utility:-

1. Keeply App :

1. keep app

This app, one of the best iPhone 6 apps, is extremely useful when you want to keep some of your sensitive images away from the reach of others. You can set some pin code or simply enable Touch ID and keep spies at bay. With this app your data is safe and only you can access it as it is not saved in the cloud.

2. Digg App :

2. Digg

Undoubtedly one of the best iPhone 6 apps that provides access to unlimited news and other interesting buzz available online. It gives one the freedom to explore as much content as one wishes to do over net.

3. PicJoy App :


Clicking a lot of photos from your phones is always a fun but finding a particular picture at times becomes an exhausting task. PicJoy puts an end to that unnecessary hard work. Finding any picture is not at all an issue when you have this app. You can search for any image by location, weather, image, etc.

4. Asana App :

4. Asana app

Managing teamwork is a difficult task. But thanks to Asana app which allows for efficient implementation of every task within a team. This app can rightly be listed among the best iPhone 6 apps as it has become an invaluable tool for managing teamwork at a click.

5. Enlight App :

5. Enlight app

Fresh arrival yet so useful for iPhone 6 users. This app makes photo editing a great experience where you can switch to different backgrounds, combine two photos, change tones and what not. The results coming out with this app are usually mesmerizing that makes this app one of the best iPhone 6 apps.

6. ESPN Score Center :

6.Espn score center

The app is no less than a boon to sports lovers having iPhone 6. They can easily fetch data for games like cricket, baseball, basketball, etc. using their iPhones anytime and anywhere.

7. Beet App :

7. beet

A social video app for iPhone users that brings fun in their lives. With this app a six seconds video can be filmed and shared right away with the friends. It creates a social network of friends in which users shares their magical moments with each other.

8. Worldtime App :

8.world time app

One of the best iPhone 6 apps for the users who love to travel much. With this app they can have the pleasure of adding time zones of multiple countries. They can simply add various clocks to their phone’s notification center and keep themselves updated with the current timings of many countries at one time.

9. BillGuard App :


The perfect app to manage your finances, BillGuard is certainly a gift for iPhone 6 owners. Through this app one can easily access their online credit card statements. The app also helps in keeping at bay the shrewd merchants who keep charging unnecessarily for their services.

10. Free App

Well, this is another interesting app for iPhone 6 users. It helps them to brush aside their loneliness by finding them friends available in their city. It has got different modes that allow one to know which of the friends is available to hang out and who is busy enough. It will not be unfair to count it among the best iphone 6 apps.

So, when you have got the list of some of the best iphone 6 apps before you, why wait for so long to get them downloaded into your iPhone 6s?

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