Top 10 WordPress Theme Development Companies for 2019

Posted by Eyden Haze . on January 1, 2019

As we know nowadays companies are keen to make an online presence. Geeks understand that in today’s fast-track motion, business has to cope up with the technology or else they will be fallen behind.

Online content and its representation is a must when we talk about online presence. No content is useful if it’s not engaging with good graphics and no graphic is important if its content is not attractive. These both are two parallel pillars for the ultimate growth of a company in online marketing and to mark its presence.

FYI, WordPress has an undeniable relevance when it comes to website building and content management.

However, not everyone is a tech geek, which makes technical geeks a resource in this hour of need. Professionals with deep knowledge of WordPress and website development are currently active in large number to offer services for not only building your websites but also give you all kind of guidance regarding every facet of a website management.

Today, in this post we’re going to reveal top 10 companies, ideal for WordPress theme development. Themes are the crucial part of the content representation. So, you have to stick with me throughout this post if you’re looking for a WP theme development company with reliable credentials.

How we rate them?

We’ve simply made the reference to google reviews and user ratings to rank these companies. So that one can rely on Google for genuine information. Before you start searching for these type of companies, you might want to sneak at this post for the better idea of what to search.


So, let’s get started.



WooBro is a Freelance WordPress designer and developer group based in London. They offers many services – WordPress security, maintenance and support, free website analysis, performance improvement, theme design and development etc. They are experienced freelancers and are highly trained and experienced in all these domains. With such a team, they are able to cater every need of their clients. WooBro’s theme development unit is very good and helpful. Their main features are:

  • They focus on delivering high-quality responsive themes with special ointment to keep it under the specification of their clients.
  • They use Upfront tools to give their clients the maximum space for customization.
  • They provide excellent support to all their clients.
User Reviews: Their clients have given this company an impressive rating of 9.1/10. 
There rating speaks it all about them.

Alka Web

Alka Web is a Canadian company that offers offshore projects throughout the globe. It has expertise in custom WordPress design & development, web design & development services. In the tenets of WordPress theme development, they are the heavyweights. The well qualified and experienced developers of Alka Web are very careful with the client’s requirement. They ensure the compatibility of the theme with all web browser in order to deliver a high responsive layout. The company has designed and developed one of the best theme for building world-class Intranet / Extranet

Alka Web’s main features include:
  • Their team is divided across the world in 4 different locations.
  • They’re focused on delivering a high responsive website with compatibility to all the web browsers and devices.
  • They ensure the theme to have ample of space for further customization.
  • They always make sure that your WordPress theme is SEO optimized.
  • They’re always keen to provide unique yet attractive layouts as per the guidelines of their clients.
  • They donate 10% of their benefit to charity each year
User Reviews: Google reviews shows the company to have a 5-star rating which is unparallel.


A Boutique Web Design and Digital Agency

ColorWhistle, is an India based Web design and Digital agency.

They work with several advanced WordPress projects in various niches including:

  1. Education WordPress Websites and solutions
  2. Travel & Tours WordPress websites and solutions
  3. Real-estate WordPress websites and solutions
  4. Healthcare and medical WordPress websites and solutions

If you are looking for a boutique web design and digital agency, ColorWhistle is your premier choice. They work with various digital agencies across USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, South Africa and India.

ColorWhistle has expertise in custom WordPress theme development, custom API development for WordPress websites, and custom WordPress plugin development.

User Reviews: They have got 5/5 star rating in Google reviews. They have great Video Testimonials 
on their website reviewed by various partners.

Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is an India-based IT firm. They provide services of web design, theme design, web development, java development, internet marketing and business analytics.

The developer’s team is evenly experienced and well groomed. In WordPress Theme development their important features are:

      • Interactive graphic designs
      • Highly responsive web designs
      • Custom theme design as per your specifications.
      • They offer feasible prices for services.
User Reviews: Users rate this company on Google with 4/5 stars.

Webdev Studios

Webdev Studios started on 2002 by Brad Williams and Brian Messenlehner. Since then they are continuously expanding their services. Currently, they are offering services in Custom designs, Performance and security, Content Migration and Custom Developments. They are in the market for over 15 years now, so you can rely on their team. With respect to WordPress Theme Development, their important features are:

      • They provide highly responsive designs.
      • They prefer working from scratch to perfection.
      • Their Rates are comparatively high, however evenly matched results will be delivered.
      • They offer service apps which are stupendous.
User Reviews: Users rate Webdev Studios with 4.1/5 stars.

Universal Web Expert

Universal Web Expert is a US based company with experienced web developers. They are highly motivated and offer services in web designing, web development, and Content Management System. In WordPress Theme Development they offer:

      • They deliver effective portfolio.
      • SEO Expertise
      • Converting designs to WordPress themes.
      • Create custom designs for WordPress.
User Reviews: Universal Web Experts have some reviews on facebook, however, 
they are not yet rated on Google.

iDesign Studios

iDesign Studios is a US based company with about 16 years of experience. Their specialties are in web development and web designing. Apart from this, they offer services to design WordPress themes. Let’s see their exclusive features in WordPress theme development:

      • They offer cost effective services.
      • Create custom designs to suit your specific requirements.
      • They keep you posted about every single development.
User Reviews: Google haven’t reviewed it yet, however, the clients 
had praised the work a lot.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes are founded 9 years back in 2008. From then, they had been excellent in providing various clients with beautiful themes. Let’s see what they offer when it comes to WordPress Theme Development:

      • Visual Drag & Drop Themes.
      • They not just build your theme, but also promote them.
      • Feasible pricing.
      • Also, offer variants of products for theme customization.
User Reviews: Theme Grade had given them 7.9 stars out of 10.


Studiopress is a US based company which is considered as one of the pioneers in providing WordPress theme development. Let’s check out some features offered by StudioPress in WordPress Theme Development:

      • Industry Standard Design Framework.
      • 20+ Mobile optimized designs.
      • No- Hosting Hassles.
      • World Class services.
User Reviews: Theme Grade has rated Studiopress with 7 stars out of 10.


Why choose Pixlogix for your WordPress Web Development?
  • Proven expertise and experience in handling different WordPress development on their size, shape, and regardless of complexity.
  • Ability to choose the most appropriate WordPress features and functions to build client’s site blogging solutions to all their intensive care business needs and deeds.
  • Known for delivering projects within a certain timetable and shrinking budget.
  • Smooth communication with chat, email, Skype, call and other communication channels
  • 100% confidentiality through the NDA, keeping the critical information secure.
  • 24 × 7 and 365 days of technical support

Local Experts

Local Experts is an innovative Web Design and development agency based in Kent. They specialize in the design and development of bespoke web solutions for medium to large organizations.

Local Experts will be a great web design partner to work with:
  • Design and user experience: Local Experts combines digital strategy, user experience & visual design to help clients deliver the best experience to their users.
  • Content management systems: Local Experts utilizes content management systems to give clients a complete control of their website – ensuring efficiency, flexibility and ease of use.
  • Web application services: Local Experts craft applications for the web to deliver SaaS applications, promote better experiences and replace outdated systems.
  • Strategy and consultancy: Working closely with their clients, Local Experts provide strategic consultancy and advice for large or complex web projects.

So, these are the list of those companies you might want to check out. I hope this will help you in your decision-making process. If you have any queries just let me know through comments. I will contact you sooner than you think.

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